Jun 27, 2014; Independence, OH, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers head coach David Blatt (left) listens as first round pick Andrew Wiggins speaks to the media at Cleveland Clinic Courts. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Why the Cavs Won't Trade Andrew Wiggins

The Cleveland Cavaliers, coming off another Lottery season, have added highly successful coach David Blatt, got All Star Kyrie Irving to sign a 5 year extension, drafted uber prospect Andrew Wiggins and signed the best player in the world, LeBron James. A pretty great haul considering before the Draft Lottery results many were hoping for Doug McDermott and Gordon Hayward. Yet for many fans this isn’t enough. they want more. They want Kevin Love, and some are anxious to trade Wiggins to get him. Here are reasons the Cavs won’t trade Wiggins:

The Letter

The Letter that James wrote took all the pressure off of the team to compete for a title this year. They still could but James, with his high basketball IQ, noted that they are young and are not ready to compete. So, unlike the last time James was here, the team doesn’t have to mortgage the future to win now. The Letter gives the Cavs some ability to build around the young core while bringing in a few veterans to help take some of the pressure. Instead of trading Wiggins, Dion Waiters and Anthony Bennett the Cavs can develop them. Instead of trading draft picks as throw ins for vets past their prime, we are looking at you Shaq and you Jamison, the Cavs can use them to bring in complimentary pieces.

Two of the biggest problems the Heat had in the NBA Finals were athleticism and depth. Wiggins helps provide both. Trading him gets rid of your best athlete, and maybe the best in the league in a year or so when he learns to harness his physical skills. You lose the youth that doesn’t get tired, doesn’t get run down in 7 game series, or a long playoff run. While Love is young he isn’t a dynamic athlete and trading 2 to 4 young piece (Wiggins, Bennett/Waiters, and picks) creates a void in that area. The team also loses depth in a quantity trade like the one the T’Wolves are looking to get back. Filling that with the same aged vets from the Heat bench seems like a step backwards.


With James and Irving handling the ball the Cavs should be able to be an up tempo team. Wiggins should be able to beat most players down the floor. Long alley oops and outlet passes could create significant offense. It will also help the Cavs defense from giving up offensive rebounds as teams worry about Wiggins leaking out after shots. A staple of the Princeton offense is the backdoor cut and Wiggins’ quick first step and fast twitch muscles make him a perfect player to run those. With both Irving and James having great passing vision the Cavs will eat up teams this way.


More importantly with Wiggins is the defense you get. One of the biggest issues with James in Miami was that he had to carry the offense and the defense for the team to be successful. Irving allows James to play off the ball and not have to dominate every play offensively. Wiggins does the same for him on defense. Instead of James having to run the offense then come down and guard Tony Parker, Wiggins can take him. Instead of having to pick your poison against Paul George and Lance Stephenson you have two players to lock both down. If the Cavs trade Wiggins for Love, James would be the lone solid defender of the Big 3, with both Irving and Love being below average defenders.

What Ages

Love is still young at 25 and his shooting will age perfectly fine as it is not based on athletic ability. His defense can only be expected to get worse as will his ability to run the floor at a high level. Wiggins on the other hand is 7 to 10 years away from his athletic ability starting to wain, while also being able to develop more on the offensive end. James on the other hand is nearing the time, especially considering his game minutes, where his athletic ability will wain. His shooting and post game has improved which will need to continue over time as he ages. Having Wiggins to take up the slack for him as he slows down is huge.

Long Haul

The Letter not only took the pressure off for this year, it also gives the Cavs hope that they are paired with James for the long haul. If James plans to live in Akron and likely be a part of the NBA for a long time, having Wiggins with him is a big deal. It is likely that James will look to buy in to the Cavs after retirement. As James thinks long term, Wiggins and Irving are two players that can keep the momentum going from his return. Instead of the future of the Cavs being based on him, it can be passed from him to those two in 6, 7 years. If I am going to possibly own a team I want players who will help my team as long as possible, and that is Wiggins.

Did we persuade you?

Would you trade Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love?

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  • Losoway1

    Great article!!! Was thinking the same thoughts … Wiggins has too much upside to give away like that

    • Reggie Flenory

      Hell yeah im not sure why they were even considering this dumb ass trade its obvious you domt trade a generational player like wiggs for love

  • Reggie Flenory

    Your preahing to the choir buddy im not even sure why this came up no way u trade love for wiggins

  • Joe

    Wiggins should be untouchable.
    As for the other options, let’s see them play under David Blatt and with Lebron James.
    Last year was no reliable test for anything or anybody.
    Anthony Bennett, with a wingspan of 7-1, strength, touch, ought to be untouchable, as well, until he has completed a rookie season (and last year was barely a half-season in reality).
    Dion Waiters might flourish in a new offense, and the Cavs should wait on him.
    If the T-Wolves will accept draft choices, then, fine, make the move for Love.
    If they want extremely talented, very young, still-developing youth, forget it.
    Love will be available next year for free.

    • Jared Mueller

      Posted this above too: The only problem with not trading anyone is cap purposes. We currently don’t have a ton of assets that would make a trade legal in the NBA. We need to send out about $15 million in salary to make it work. That means 2 of 3 of Bennett, Waiters and Wiggins plus a little something else. I agree from a talent perspective but sadly cap won’t allow picks and not much else.

      • Joe

        Varajao + 1 other player would do it, but we didn’t do that, and I am very glad we did not.
        Andy is needed, & the young players are too untested for us to know their potential.
        We could have re-signed Deng and worked a 3-way trade with the Heat & Wolves.
        Maybe the Cavs are realizing they are sitting on a gold mine and must be patient.
        Love is an outstanding player who does not fit the offense I saw the summer version of the Cavs play the last two games.
        Andy, Haywood, Kirk, Cooley are not players who post up and score.
        Neither is Kevin Love.

  • Bengals33

    Ya i think they could manage to get Love without trading Wiggins, Waiters and yes even Anthony Bennett. If not this year wait until next year. The Wolves know they are losing him no matter what so they are trying to get anything for him before its to late. I vote to trade our draft picks. We are stacked with them and if Love comes we really don’t even need them. I honestly think Waiters is better than Dwade and i still have faith in Bennett, who is reportedly in really good shape, and remember that the Cavs did draft him #1 for a reason. DO NOT TRADE WIGGINS!

    • Jared Mueller

      The only problem with not trading anyone is cap purposes. We currently don’t have a ton of assets that would make a trade legal in the NBA. We need to send out about $15 million in salary to make it work. That means 2 of 3 of Bennett, Waiters and Wiggins plus a little something else. I agree from a talent perspective but sadly cap won’t allow picks and not much else.

  • Ted Yoa

    … it can be past to him … ?? for real? passed** this a misunderstanding of a word not a misspelling. how’s this guy write for SI and how’s it get PAST the editor?

  • Real M-Fing talk !!!

    @ Jared Mueller, excellent read…..everyone should see it that way also, i hope the Cavs do not fall victim to the pressure, there are other players out there to be had in free agency, who can easily improve this team While saving your talents and if Love REALLY wants to play for the Cavs you CAN get him next year !…. That was the major thing that bothered me about the Miami Team, Lebron had to do EVERYTHING for that team, while guys like Wade, Bosh, Riley and Spoelstra took credit… that ray Allen 3 is a perfect example… its was Lebron keeping them in the games doing ALL the scoring, its was Lebron who hit the 3 to bring them within 3 pts…. but the rebound by Bosh and 3 by Allen is what people talk about… they get NO credit for FINALLY showing up, if they were doing their jobs the Heat win easily…. and still Lebron gets criticized, his heavy lifting in Miami was ignored, the only one who consistently acknowledges it is Charles Barkley…. Lebron was their best scorer, rebounder, post player, play maker and best defender for 4 years and they won 2 rings… That’s why i put Lebron a head of Jordan right now !…. if Jordan had to be the best post player, rebounder, defender, scorer and play maker, does the Bulls win 1 title???…. I say NO !!!