Apr 14, 2014; Oakland, CA, USA; Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love (42) between plays against the Golden State Warriors during the third quarter at Oracle Arena. The Golden State Warriors defeated the Minnesota Timberwolves 130-120. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Could Kevin Love - Cavs Trade Be Agreed Upon?

For many fans of the NBA and Cleveland Cavaliers fans in particular the hope was that the signing of Andrew Wiggins would calm down the Kevin Love speculation. For the most part it has done just that. We hear some murmurs, but all and all the flood gates have been closed.

Yet one report came out yesterday that the deal may have been agreed upon between the Wolves and the Cavs:

Some important notes on Eric: He isn’t a version of Chris Sheridan but he did start his own site. His report has not picked up any national attention. The inclusion of Andrew Wiggins flies in the face of Sam Amico’s report. While he has a strong Twitter follower number, we learned during the LeBron James‘ free agency that those numbers can be artificially inflated.

In no way do we want to minimize Eric or the possibility that his report is accurate and that his source is real. It is possible that Eric’s lead NBA writer, who is from the Minnesota, has a source no one else has. It is also possible that he decided to make an assumptive leap to be the first one to report something. After what we have seen from national writers during the NBA draft and free agency, Eric isn’t doing anything different then they seemed to do.

Let us break down this report a bit and look at it compared to what else we are hearing:

  • Eric’s report says Andrew Wiggins will be included in the deal, while Amico and others have stated this to not be true. This also doesn’t fit the new information regarding Love telling teams he wants to go to Cleveland and requesting a trade to the Cavs. Both of those facts would limit the Wolves ability to get Wiggins in the deal.
  • Eric’s report is saying the deal is done. While we haven’t heard new reports of another offer from anyone, we also haven’t heard anything about teams, Bulls and Warriors specifically, moving on from the Love trade to make other deals.
  • While some have said the Cavs and Wolves can come to an agreement during the 30 day Wiggins no trade period, the Wolves can use this time to try to get more leverage. The Cavs also won’t want to lose out to a bigger offer or give the Warriors a chance to counter, if Wiggins is included. The NBA also likes to keep a tight lock of things to maximize the excitement. Having a deal already worked out doesn’t seem likely for any of the 3 involved.

Would it be fun to know what the Cavs are going to look like next year? Sure. Yet a deal getting done sooner really has little impact on either team right now. The Cavs and the Wolves could both use camp and the early regular season to try to create leverage in different ways. Even before camp opens the teams will have abundance of time to get a deal done. With or without Love the Cavs are likely still seeking at least a backup center as well as trying to get Ray Allen to sign.

What do you think of this report?


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