2013 Cleveland Cavaliers Off-Season Player Reviews – Daniel Gibson


Jan. 12, 2012; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers guard Daniel Gibson during the game against the Phoenix Suns at the US Airways Center. The Cavaliers defeated the Suns 101-90. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

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2012 – 2013 Season Statistics

GP: 46 MPG: 20 PPG: 5.4 3P%: 34.4

A Narrative 2012 – 2013 Season in Review

It could easily be said that this was the most difficult season for Daniel Gibson. The 7-year Cleveland Cavalier dealt with everything from injuries, to being buried on the bench, and now an upcoming contract situation. After six years in the NBA, Gibson has never shot below 38% from the 3-point line. This season, he shot just above 34%. It was a difficult year for the former Texas Longhorn, and fears of seeing him in a Cleveland uniform for the last time have grown over Cavaliers fans since the end of the season.

Off-Season Adjustments the Player Needs to Make

One of the reasons Gibson did not receive playing time when Kyrie Irving went down to injuries was because Gibson couldn’t handle the pressure that he received when he took over the point guard duties. His entire career, Gibson has found success from being a spot up shooter, and flourished when LeBron James was here, who is a master at finding the open man. Gibson is undersized to play true shooting guard, so Gibson needs to work on his true point guard abilities, like ball handling, pressure handling and passing. Being an unrestricted free agent, Gibson should have no problem finding a new home if he works on those issues.

Cavalier’s Off-Season Options with the Player

As previously stated, Gibson is now an unrestricted free agent. That being said, Cleveland could have interest in bringing back Gibson as a veteran option at the guard positions. The only point guard on the roster is Kyrie Irving, because of the contract situation of Shaun Livingston. So bringing back Gibson is definitely an option on the table of Chris Grant.

How the Draft Could Effect the Player’s Standing on the Team

Because the Cavaliers have used a top 3 pick in the previous two drafts on a point guard and shooting guard, this year’s draft should not have an effect on Daniel Gibson. If he works on his point guard skills and getting healthy this summer, the draft should have no effect on whether Cleveland makes him an offer to return.

How New Coach Mike Brown Changes Things for the Player

If Gibson wanted to return to Cleveland, which seems very possible, Mike Brown gives him the best chance to do just that. Mike Brown now has the task of putting in his system to a team of young guys, and Gibson was here during Brown’s first tenure. He could be a big part in helping Brown put in his system and show the young guys how it needs to be done. So the hiring of Mike Brown had to of put some hope into Gibson on returning to the Cavs.

What the Cavaliers Should Do with the Player (Including Options, Trade, Release or Keep)

The Cleveland Cavaliers should look to resign Daniel Gibson on a small and cheap contract. He would be a big help in bringing back Mike Brown’s system to a team that has been brought up on no defense and something you could call offense.

What the Cavaliers Will Do with the Player

The Cavaliers will try to bring back Boobie Gibson. The fan favorite since 2006 is a blue collar player that fits what Mike Brown wants on the roster. He may not play as much as he could in other places, but Cleveland will want him on their team as a veteran leader.