2013 Cleveland Cavaliers Off-Season Player Reviews- Marreese Speights


Apr 14, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers power forward Marreese Speights (15) handles the ball against Philadelphia 76ers power forward Arnett Moultrie (5) during the first quarter at the Wells Fargo Center. Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

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2012-2013 Season Statistics

GP: 39 MPG: 18.5 FG%: 45% PPG: 10.2 RPG: 5.1

A Narrative 2012-2013 Season in Review 

When Speights was traded to the Cavs mid-season in January, the Cavs didn’t know they were getting a future all star.  Speights was so good when he in the second half of the season while with Cleveland, the Cavs probably would’ve made the playoffs had he been a Cavalier all season.  To prove his worth, Speights averaged 10.2 ppg and 5.1 rpg.  And with some players , their stats don’t do their overall performance justice.  Speights is that type of player, because he possesses the intangibles such as going after loose balls and never giving up on a play. When the Cavs got Speights this January, they didn’t know they were getting such a gem, though one who struggled down the stetch somewhat.

Off-Season Adjustments the Player Needs to Make

The one area Speights can improved on is his consistency.  He has a good field goal percentage, a free throw percentage of 80% that is exceptional for a big man and he produced a quality 10.2 ppg.  But one aspect of his game that he could improve upon to take his game to the next level is to start hitting the boards more.  If he wants to keep his standing of backup power forward/center or better it by starting he will need to improve his 5.1 rpg and hit the glass hard next season.

Cavaliers Off-Season Options with the Player

Right now the Cavs options depends on Speights himself. Speights has a player option this year that would be reasonable for the Cavaliers but he may believe he showed enough for a much larger contract.  He showed that he could make a difference while on the court.  He also greatly filled the empty spot Andy left when he got injured.

How the Draft Could Effect the Player’s Standing on the Team

The draft could actually perhaps affect Speights standing on the team.  But it all depends on where the Cavs fall in the lottery this coming Tuesday.  If the Cavs get the first pick, it is likely they will take the #1 draft prospect Nerlens Noel from Kentucky.  He is a power forward/center and this could threaten Speights’ spot on the roster.  However, if the Cavs don’t get the number one pick, Speights should be just fine seeing that the Cavs will most likely draft Otto Porter with the next highest pick they get in the lottery.

How New Coach Mike Brown Changes Things for the Player

New Head Coach, Mike Brown changes everything for Speights.  Brown likes a guy that possesses the intangibles of basketball like going after loose balls and never giving up on a play.  Speights is also a great defensive player and Brown loves defense.

What the Cavaliers Should Do With the Player (Including Options, Trade, Release or Keep)

The Cavaliers should be hoping he picks up his player option or they will have a tough decision about resigning him at a higher prices.  And they should because of all the hard work he displayed this season.  Speights gave great contributions and even took some of the scoring load off of Irving. One could even argue Speights was a primary target for Irving.  With all of these positives Speights possesses, the Cavs should look to resign him.

What the Cavaliers Will Do with the Player

The Cavaliers will hope he picks up his option or that they can resign Speights for a 2 or 3 year deal.  He just has too many good things on his resume and too many positive aspects in his game for the Cavs to not try to resign him. If his demands are around 3 years and mid level the Cavs will struggle with the decision. Long term cap space, specifically for 2014 free agency is important for the team.