2013 Cleveland Cavaliers Off-Season Player Reviews: Alonzo Gee


Mar 22, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers small forward Alonzo Gee (33) dribbles the ball against the Houston Rockets in the third quarter at the Toyota Center. The Rockets defeated the Cavaliers 116-78. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

2012-2013 Season Statistics

GP: 82 MPG: 31.0 FG%: 41% PPG: 10.3 SPG: 1.3 RPG: 3.9

A Narrative 2012-2013 Season in Review

Alonzo Gee is the third best player on the Cavs .  Wherever you are right now you are saying is Fields crazy? Well yes just a little bit, but actually when I calculated each Cavs player efficiency, Gee was third in the rankings with a +818 trailing Tristan Thompson and Kyrie Irving.  To prove that, Gee gave great production on defense this year by racking up 1.3 spg, which is ranked third behind Irving and Varejao.  Gee is a player that I would give the title of “energy starter”.  An energy starter is simply what it says, a player can give great energy off the bench or even as a starter.  This season, if there were league leaders for “energy starters” Gee would be in the top 5 easily because of his great tenacity on offense and defense this season.

Off-Season Adjustments the Player Needs to Make

Gee could work on scoring the basketball more in this upcoming offseason.  He only averaged 10.3 ppg this season and that could and should be increased by at least 5 or 6 points to take some of the scoring load off of Irving and Waiters.  He also could work on shooting because his field goal percentage was 41% this past season.

Cavaliers Off-Season Options with the Player

Last summer Gee signed a three year contract, so the Cavs most likely won’t release him.  But they could possibly look into trading him.  Something the Cavs could do in the upcoming draft is try to trade for Rudy Gay of the Raptors and give them rights to their 31st pick, some cash and also Gee.  This hot topic alone could send Gee out of Cleveland and into Toronto.

How the Draft Could Effect the Player’s Standing on the Team

Again the draft could extremely affect Gee’s standing on the team.  He could be involved in a trade with the Raptors and the Cavs would get Rudy Gay.  The Cavs could also possibly draft a small forward at their #19 pick in this year’s upcoming draft along with most likely Nerlens Noel at #1.  In the end, the draft could symbolize the end of Gee’s tenure with the Cavs.

How New Coach Mike Brown Changes Things for the Player

Mike Brown could insure that Gee stays with the Cavs.  But he could also not insure this.  It is a situation of that classic, “I have something good in my possession, but if I can get something better I will take that one instead.  Gee is that good defensive player that Brown would love, but Gay is the superior defensive player seeing that he averaged 1.51 spg and 6.1 rpg. If Brown can have Gay in a trade, he will take him and forget all about Gee.

What the Cavaliers Should Do With the Player (Including Options, Trade, Release or Keep)

The Cavaliers would make a real smart move if they attempted to deal Gee to the Raptors in exchange for Gay.  Gee did give quality minutes this past season, but the Cavs really need a good small forward.  It is a fact that Gay is the superior player as he averaged 18.2 ppg, 6.1 rpg, 1.51 spg.

What the Cavaliers Will Do with the Player

Since the Cavs would probably sign Gay to a max contract if they got him in a trade, they  will think about this topic, but will ultimately decide not to get him.  Gee will safely stay with the Cavs and hopefully show why he is their small forward for the future.