2013 NBA Mock Draft


June 28, 2012; Newark, NJ, USA; A general view of the first round draft board at the conclusion of the first round of the 2012 NBA Draft at the Prudential Center. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

1. Cavaliers – Nerlens Noel – The Cavs choose the highest talented player even though injury history gives them some pause. A young core of Irving, Waiters, Thompson and Noel as well as any free agent acquisitions and there many 1st Round picks is intriguing.

2. Magic – Ben McLemore – The Magic needs  a talent infusion following the trade of Dwight Howard while a PG like Trey Burke could fit, the Magic choose the talented Shooting Guard with perfect size and form.

3. Wizards – Otto Porter – The Wizards add to the core backcourt with Wall and Beal. A post player like Bennett or Len are possibilities but Porter’s do everything game is exactly what the Wizards need. If Porter isn’t selected here he could fall a few spots.

4. Bobcats – Anthony Bennett – The Bobcats are in need of identity and after the drafting of MKG last year, a offense player to fit between he and Bismack Biyombo is a perfect fit. Bennett’s game has alot of Derrick Williams in it, which is concerning this high in the lottery.

5. Suns – Alex Len – After selecting Kendall Marshall and acquiring Goran Dragic, Trey Burke doesn’t fit here. A big player who can learn from the veteran Marcin Gortat gives the team a big to team with the young PGs and foundational pieces.

6. Pelicans – Victor Oladipo – After drafting Rivers a young big SG to play long term next to him is a perfect fit. Rivers ability to play point is still in question but again drafting Burke would be giving up on a asset early.

7. Kings – Trey Burke – Isiah Thomas is not a starting PG on a quality team and the Kings have struggled with a winning attitude. Burke answers both of these. New Head Coach Mike Malone’s experience in Golden State will help him build around a guard whose game’s floor is Monte Ellis.

8. Pistons – Michael Carter- Williams – With the front court taken care of with Drummond and Monroe finding a big guard to fit with Brandon Knight is key. Knight hasn’t shown the ability to run the point as needed so bringing in MCW gives them options.

9. TWolves – Shabazz Muhammed – The best SG available should be the pick here, Pope out of Georgia or Karasev also would not be a surprise.

10.Blazers – CJ McCollum – Compared to Lillard of last year the Blazers bring in a quality guard to pair with last years Rookie of the Year.

11. 76ers – Cody Zeller – With Andrew Bynum’s health up in the air Cody Zeller could fit next to or replace him. Zeller impressed at the combine and was seen as a top 5 pick last year, drops a little this year.

12. Thunder – Rudy Gobert – Look for the Thunder to move this pick if a center of their liking is not available. That could mean moving up or moving it for a veteran. If not Gobert gives them someone who could develop for the future.

13. Mavericks – Giannis Adetokunbo – The Mavs are rumored to be looking to move this pick as well. If not look for a player they can stash overseas. Selecting the European Kevin Durant, or the chance at such, makes it worth the risk here in a weak draft.

14. Jazz – Dennis Schroeder – The Jazz are in a need a a point guard to fit next to Alec Burke and their young front court duo of Favors and Kanter. Hayward showed himself to be an acceptable starting small forward as well.

15. Bucks – Sergey Karasev – The Bucks have to make a draft decision with the possibility of losing their starting point and shooting guards. With Sanders providing great defensive presence at the 5, Karasev fits with either Jennings or Ellis.

16. Boston – Gorgui Dieng – As Boston spends the last year or 2 with Garnett and Pierce a defensive big guy next to Sullinger’s offensive game is the perfect fit. Dieng will learn from Garnett and can run an above the rim pick and roll when Rondo comes back healthy and long term.

17. Hawks – Steven Adams – Whether the Hawks get Dwight Howard and/or Chris Paul won’t be known by draft day but a true Center next to Al Horford is a must for the Hawks. Adams is a project but has the size and athleticism to fit well next to Horford as a defensive playmaker.

18. Hawks – Reggie Bullock – An athletic 2 guard who can shoot from deep to go with Teague, or Paul if they can pull that off, would be a perfect use of these two picks.

19. Cavs – Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – A shooter to play in a 3 guard lineup with Irving and Waiters and space the floor for Thompson and Noel would be ideal. (As a Cleveland based website, hopefully that bias didn’t lead to Pope being available.)

20. Bulls – Tim Hardaway Jr. – With the hope that Rose will return to full health,  the development of Jimmy Butler with Luol Deng at the 3, Gibson at 4 and Noah at 5, Hardaway fits well as a shooter from Rose’s drives.

21. Utah –  Kelly Olynyk – While Favors and Kanter are there future PF and C, losing both Jefferson and Millsap means frontcourt depth is necessary. Olynyk can fit at both 4 and 5.

22. Nets – Glen Rice Jr. – Jason Kidd’s first draft pick as a head coach provides him an athletic player to long term replace Gerald “Crash” Wallace.

23. Pacers – Tony Snell – Expect the Pacers to free up cap space and court time by trading Granger this off-season. Snell can provide shooting to space the floor for the second unit, and provides insurance in case Stephenson’s break out playoffs prices him out of the team.

24. Knicks – Shane Larkin – A point guard who can break down the defense for the second team and provide a scoring spark while Carmelo sits is a perfect fit this late in the first round.

25. Clippers – Mason Plumlee – With Griffen and Jordan up front a reliable, more then Ryan Hollins, backup would be a great get. Jordon’s free throw shooting at the end of the game could see Plumlee getting those minutes.

26. T Wolves – Allen Crabbe – The Wolves double up on shooting guards. Crabbe can play 2 with Shabazz moving down to the 3.

27. Nuggets – Jamaal Franklin – With loads of SFs even if they lose Andre Iguodala, Franklin can provide more scoring for the second team.

28. Spurs – Jeff Withey – Whether Duncan returns or not, finding a defensive presence like Withey near the end of the first is a great find for a team who always seems to make the most of their draft picks.

29. Thunder – Ricky Ledo – After taking a risk player in Gobert at #12, the Thunder double up with a high risk Ledo who didn’t play a minute last year. With Kevin Martin becoming a free agent, and Lamb not getting to prove himself Ledo is a worthy risk.

30. Suns – Tony Mitchell – After selecting Alex Len at #5, the Suns select a offensive combo forward who can spark the offense and also provide some excellent defense.

This is the first look at it, but this years draft is very difficult to predict. What do you think? How did we miss on your favorite team? Who would you have selected instead?