2013 NBA Mock Draft


Will the 2013 Draft be better than the weak 2012 Draft?

1. Cavaliers- Otto Porter- Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert has expressed that next season is playoffs or bust for the organization. In regards to that statement, the Cavs will make the less riskier pick in Porter rather than the Noel to fill their weak small forward position.

2. Magic- Nerlens Noel- With not that much depth at the center and power forward positions, the Magic can grab the top prospect Noel to fill that depth. He can start alongside Glen Davis when he comes back from his injury in December and the Magic have a solid one-two punch down low.

3. Wizards- Ben McLemore- The Wizards need a little bit of everything. With picking McLemore, the Wizards get a young talent that can score like there is no tomorrow. At Kansas, he averaged 15.9 ppg and a field goal percentage of 49%.

4. Bobcats-Alex Len- Like the Wizards, the Bobcats need a little bit of everything. Alex Len would be a great pick seeing that they don’t have good big men. All of their big men were either young and not very talented or old and not very talented. With Len the Bobcats pick up a guy that can get you a solid 15-10 every night.

5. Suns- Victor Oladipo- Oladipo is so versatile, the Suns would be stupid not to pick him at #5. He is a player that can score, run the floor, get rebounds, pass. He reminds me of a point guard that plays for the Celtics right now. That is how good of a pick Oladipo is for really any team in this draft.

6. Pelicans-Anthony Bennett- The Pelicans are in desperate need of a small forward that can score and rebound. Bennett can bring them this. He averaged 16.1 ppg and 8.1 rpg last season at UNLV. In the NBA this could translate to a 20-10 every night.

7. Kings- Trey Burke- The Kings have struggled to find a true point guard over the past few years. They have tried Jimmer Fredette, Isaiah Thomas, Tyreke Evans. With Burke they get a point guard that can score, but is not ball dominant. He can look for his teammates like a true point guard should.

8. Pistons- Michael Carter-Williams- With the weak backcourt the Pistons possess, Williams would be a great add for them. They could have a solid one two punch with Knight at the 2, because he isn’t a real point guard and Williams running the point.

9. Timberwolves- Shabazz Muhammad- The Timberwolves need someone that can score. They don’t have anyone in their starting lineup that can. For the Timberwolves, if they grab Muhammad, then they will get a scorer that they desperately need.

10. Trailblazers- C.J. McCollum- For what could be the best young backcourt in the game, the Blazers bring in McCollum to pair up with the solid young point guard in Lillard.

11. 76ers- Cody Zeller- Since the Sixers don’t know how this Andrew Bynum situation is going to turn out, they will need a solid big man to insure depth down low. Zeller has some flaws such as his midrange jumper, but he can rebound and run the floor just like his brother Tyler does for the Cavs.

12. Thunder- Kentavious Caldwell-Pope- With their great x-factor James Harden gone, we saw how the Thunder struggled in the playoffs especially when Westbrook got injured. The Thunder are going to need a guy like Pope that can score when needed just like Harden did when he was with the Thunder.

13. Mavericks- Steven Adams- At 34 years of age, Dirk Nowitzki isn’t going to be getting any younger. With Adams the Mavericks plan for the future of their front court and also can develop him by playing him alongside Nowitzki.

14. Jazz- Isaiah Canaan- The ultimate dark horse in this draft, the Jazz select the seasoned point guard out of Murray State. Last season Canaan averaged 21.8 ppg and 4.3 apg. The Jazz here would get the best steal in this draft, if they pick up Canaan.

15. Bucks-Giannis Adetokunbo- Said to be the international Kevin Durant, the Bucks pick up Adetokunbo and finally fill their weak small forward position.

16. Celtics- Tony Snell- The Celtics are one of the oldest teams in the NBA. With Snell they get a good small forward that will be a project, but can learn behind Pierce who is one of the best players of all time.

17. Hawks-Reggie Bullock- To help Teague in the backcourt, the Hawks pick up Bullock. Bullock can score and also is a good rebounder. He is also 6’7, so he can help out in the Hawks front court too.

18. Hawks- Mason Plumlee- To help Horford down low, Plumlee is picked here by the Hawks. Plumlee can take some of the rebounding load off of Horford and is also a good post player.

19. Cavs- Tim Hardaway Jr.- After picking Porter at #1, the Cavs get depth at their shooting guard position. With Hardaway, they can do multiple lineups of Irving, Waiters and Hardaway in one lineup and can also go with Waiters and Hardaway in the backcourt while Kyrie is on the bench.

20. Bulls- Allen Crabbe- The Bulls have always needed someone to help out Rose in the backcourt. With Crabbe they finally get a guy that can take some of the scoring load off of Rose. Crabbe averaged 18.4 ppg last season at California.

21. Jazz- Tony Mitchell- Another dark horse in this draft the Jazz steal. At North Texas, Mitchell averaged 13.0 ppg and 8.5 rpg. This pick could greatly help the Jazz’s big man troubles.

22. Nets- Glen Rice Jr.- With new Head Coach Jason Kidd on board, the Nets will definitely be looking to plan for the future of Gerald Wallace. He isn’t getting any younger and Rice can give the Nets great talent at the small forward position.

23. Pacers- Deshaun Thomas- Just in case the Pacers deal Granger, they will need someone to play alongside George. Thomas is a great scorer and he could be the go to guy when George is on the bench.

24. Knicks- Shane Larkin- Since Kidd retired recently, the Knicks are going to need a point guard to backup Felton. With picking Larkin, the Knicks get an explosive young guard that can take some of the scoring load off of Melo.

25. Clippers- Dario Saric- With the Clippers still in need of a Head Coach, they probably won’t risk picking up a possible bust in an American player. With picking up Saric, they can develop him overseas and then bring him to America when he is ready to play.

26. Timberwolves- Archie Goodwin- The Timberwolves double up on shooting guards that will bring some spark to their offense with Muhammad at #9 and Goodwin to round it out at #26.

27. Nuggets- Jamaal Franklin- With news that Andre Iguodala will opt out of his contract, the Nuggets will need a replacement for him. Franklin can give solid scoring and also great rebounding.

28. Spurs- Jeff Withey- Whatever Duncan’s future holds, the Spurs will need to plan for a future big man. Withey may not be like Duncan, but he is a solid rebounder, something that the Spurs will need.

29. Thunder- Ricky Ledo- The Thunder double up on shooting guards with Pope and Ledo to get some spark to their offense when Durant and Westbrook are either hurt or on the bench.

30. Suns- Sergey Karasev- The Suns here get a solid international player. With Karasev, they can develop him overseas and then bring him over to America when he is ready to play.