How the Cavs Could be Title Contenders in 2014-2015


Recently there have been reports that former Nuggets forward, Andre Iguodala, opted out of the last year of his contract. In the aftermath of this, there have been rumors that the Cavaliers are interested in signing Iguodala. If Iguodala is signed by the Cavs, he could be one of the key parts in the Cavs’ rise to relevancy and possibly a title; he would help the Cavs going into the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 seasons. In this article I will discuss five categories that will help the Cavs become a title contender in the 2014-2015 season. They will be: make sure to have enough cap space to sign Lebron in 2014, sign Iguodala this off-season, keep the young big 3 of Irving, Waiters and Thompson, make good moves in free agency and discuss the impact of this year’s #1 draft pick.

Make Sure to Have Cap Space to Sign Lebron in 2014

We all know the Lebron situation. He can opt out of his Heat contract in 2014 and become a free agent. What makes this a situation is that he has said that he wouldn’t mind coming back to Cleveland and playing. This statement set the whole Cleveland sports world off. If Lebron comes back, everyone knows the Cavs will become relevant again and possibly make a title run. But Lebron can only come back if the Cavs have enough cap space. The league’s cap is most likely to be $58.5 million next year and $62.1 million in 2014-2015. The Cavs can add to the cap throughout the season by reaching the floor for 90% of the salary cap or have the money required to reach the floor by distributing it to the players under contract. The Cavs are looking to exercise the team option on C.J. Miles where they would extend his contract; their other option would be to let him become a free agent. If the Cavs do this, then this gives them depth at small forward assuming Lebron comes back in 2014. If he doesn’t, then the Cavs will need to pick up a small forward in the draft such as Otto Porter. I will talk about that situation later, but if Lebron comes to Cleveland in 2014, that is just one of the many pieces the Cavs need to make the playoffs and possibly win a title.

Sign Iguodala this Off-Season

Signing Iguodala is the most important piece for the Cavs in addition to Lebron. If the Cavs sign Iguodala, then they will get another scoring option to help out Irving, Waiters and Lebron assuming Lebron comes in 2o14. Iguodala also brings another important aspect of his game to the Cavs. Defense. Iguodala is a tenacious defender and would be what is defined a ball hawk in the NFL. This season he averaged 1.7 SPG. That’s pretty good for the likes of Mike Brown. Brown is a defensive oriented coach and he will love that Iguodala brings scoring and great defense to the table. Assuming Iguodala and James are signed in the next two seasons, fans will have lineup fantasies of Irving, Waiters, Iguodala, James and Thompson. That would be a great lineup. The Cavs would have Irving racking up 11 assists every night; Waiters putting in 15 points a night; Thompson hitting the boards and averaging a double double and of course you have James and Iguodala doing their thing. But all these things can only happen if the Cavs make sure to have cap space for Lebron and also make the smart move this off-season and sign Iguodala.

Keep the young Big 3 of Irving,Waiters, Thompson

This young “Big 3” has the potential to be one of the best trios in the NBA. This can only happen if they keep these three players together. The Cavs have to look at how the Thunder made the mistake of dealing James Harden to the Rockets. They should have kept him. He was the glue of that amazing group of young players, and if they kept him, they were sure to win championships eventually. The Cavs can’t make the same mistake the Thunder did. They have to keep this great trio together so they can have players if Iguodala and James come to Cleveland.

Make smart moves during Free Agency

In the last ten years, the Cavs only big splash in free agency was signing Mo Williams in 2008. Let’s be honest the Cavs really don’t take advantage of free agency. These next couple of seasons they need to change their ways. This off-season they have a chance to sign Andre Iguodala and the next off-season to sign Lebron James. The Cavs also don’t know how to sign quality bench players. They need to look at how the Heat took advantage of free agency while signing their bench players. Part of the reason they win, is because they have a deep bench with Mike Miller, Ray Allen, Shane Battier and Norris Cole. Cole was acquired through the draft, but the point I’m trying to make is that the Heat found good bench players to support the Big 3 of James, Wade and Bosh. The Cavs need to make sure to do the same thing the Heat have done come these next two seasons.

Impact of this year’s #1 pick

The acquisitions the Cavs could make with Iguodala and James really do depend on the #1 pick and vice versa. Why? If the Cavs trade their #1 pick and get a quality big man in free agency, there is no Nerlens Noel. Also if the Cavs get Andre Iguodala, the Cavs will not be picking Otto Porter. It all depends on that #1 pick and what they will do with it. If the Cavs make these acquisitions, then they could end up getting a quality bench player at #19, #31 and #32.

There are many things the Cavs have to do to become title contenders these next two seasons. If they play their cards right, they have a good chance of yes, becoming title contenders.