Cavaliers Rumor: Top 10 Pick and a Player for #1


April 17, 2013; Charlotte, NC, USA; Charlotte Bobcats forward Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (14) drives past Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving (2) during the game at Time Warner Cable Arena. Bobcats win 105-98. Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Nearly every Wednesday Sam Amico has an hour long chat from noon to 1 PM on Often this includes back and forth with fans related to what he knows, thinks or is hearing. Amico has history of getting false information from his sources, but this is true with many reporters. Sources can be use reporters to help spread information they want spread but continue as a source with words like “may happen” or “they are talking about it.

Today Amico’s chat came with a doozy. Amico reported that he had gotten wind of a potential trade for the Cavaliers. Amico would not provide any further information as his close and trusted sources had not yet confirmed anything yet. He also refused to name the possible team or players involved on the other side, so he was not quoted incorrectly or have rumors attached to him. He did provide some information that allows us to dissect the possibilities. He reported this was a trade that would include the #1 overall pick. Later he confirmed that it would involve a player as well as a top 10 pick. To be clear he has since followed up on Twitter, @SamAmicoFSO, that the information he was provided from his trusted source was that this was just talks between the teams, no traction yet. Specifically he reported conversations between the Cavs and the Minnesota Timberwolves but that #1 for Derrick Williams and the #9 pick are false but the teams have talked. Lets look at the top 10 teams and possible trades that fit this criteria: Cavs trade at least the #1 overall pick for at least a player and a top 10 pick.

Orlando Magic – The Magic would have little need to trade up unless they were sold on a specific player and worried about another team jumping them, ala the Browns trading up 1 spot for Trent Richardson. Though unlikely a trade with the Magic would include a small return with the #2 pick, a backup big or point guard.

Washington Wizards – Same story as the Magic. The Wizards team could bring in Anthony Bennett, Otto Porter or Nerlens Noel and they would all fit well there. If they really like Porter or Noel and worry about being jumped a trade of #3 and Trevor Ariza or Okafor might get it done.

Charlotte Bobcats – One of the more exciting trade partners. The Bobcats are desperate for a face for their franchise. Would they be willing to part with Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and the #4 for the #1 pick and an addition player or pick? A lineup of Irving, Waiters, MKG, Tristan Thompson and Alex Len would be very good, but lack the long range shooting needed to space the floor. Why would the Bobcats be willing to make this trade? It is Michael Jordan after all.

Phoenix Suns – The Suns are also looking for an identity. A player like Noel or Ben McLemore just might be the fix. Would Marcin Gortat and the #5 pick be enough to get the #1 pick. If they bring in Gortat and Porter is off the board who do the Cavs look to with the 5th pick? Is Jared Dudley also available in the trade?

New Orleans Pelicans – Would the Pelicans mortgage something to pair Noel with last year’s #1 Anthony Davis. Talk about a skinny but defensive force for the team. Who would they throw in the trade to entice the Cavs along with the #6 pick? Would Noel even be their target or would Otto Porter fit the bill along side Austin Rivers and Davis? Would Ryan Anderson or Robin Lopez be available and enough to tempt the Cavs?

Sacramento Kings – While early rumors swirled around Demarcus Cousins, he would not fit in this type of trade. It would take more then the #1 pick and he doesn’t seem to fit the character needs of the Cavs. It is hard to find a player that would fit in this type of trade and be worth it but if the Kings are willing to remove the protection on the pick owed to the Cavs then maybe that plus Isaiah Thomas and #7 would be enough. Would they be willing to wait for Noel? Take a shooter like McLemore or a glue guy like Porter?

Detroit Pistons – Division rivals don’t often trade with one another and unless the Cavs really like Kyle Singler and/or Rodney Stuckey there doesn’t seem to be a natural fit here.

Minnesota Timberwolves – As Amico tweeted a Derrick Williams plus the #9 has been floated but so far no dice. In a draft thought to have about 6 players at the top dropping down to #9 would take more then Williams it seems. The Cavs would have some interest in 2 free agents Chase Budinger and Nikola Pekovic (Restricted) who could not be included in the trade. The Williams trade, adding in a protected pick next year might get some traction.

Portland Trailblazers – Like Cousins or Kevin Love, LaMarcus Aldridge does not fit in these trade criteria. A trade of Nicolas Batum and the #10 for the #1 makes some sense on both sides, but is Portland really willing to bet on a big man with knee issues? Is a combination of Wesley Matthews and Will Barton enough to entice the Cavs?


It is clear that many of these teams have obstacles to become trade partners with the Cavs for the #1 pick. While this may be an exercise in futility 8 days from now, it is interesting to look at how teams might match up in draft day trades. In the end the Bobcats, Suns and Kings might make the most sense for a trade of this caliber, betting on it may not make alot of sense though.