Cavs/Mavs Rumor Involving #13 Overall Pick in 2013 NBA Draft


Apr 24, 2013; Independence, OH, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers general manager Chris Grant (right), new head coach Mike Brown (center) and team owner Dan Gilbert laugh during a press conference at Cleveland Clinic Courts. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

A rumor that had spread when the NBA Draft Lottery was complete, has resurfaced today, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Dallas Mavericks have had conversations regarding the Mavs #13 pick. Some are reporting this deal may already be done, but cannot be completed until after the Mavs have made their selection. This would give reason to why this rumor died off for the past month, no conversation were needed to be had.

There is some discussion and disagreement about what the Cavs would need to give up for the 13th pick. The Cavs may need to give the Mavs the 19th pick as well as taking on Shawn Marion’s contract. This may not be the best trade for the Mavs as they are looking to clear cap space in order to sign Dwight Howard or Chris Paul. The 19th pick, like the 13th, would have a cap hold as well. The Mavs might be okay drafting a player at 19 to stash in Europe, while losing Marion’s salary. Another possible trade that would work for the Mavs is trading Marion and the pick to Cleveland for their 2 second round picks, #31 and 33. The Mavs would get out from Marion and the first round cap hold while picking up 2 high second round picks in a relatively deep draft. Those picks would be helpful as the team pars down its roster to chase after the top 2 free agents.

For the Cavs both trades make sense and leave to some amazing options. A version of this trade was discussed in the past, as well as other trades that can still be worked out with this trade, see here. If the Cavs end up with the #1, 13 and 19 picks they will have some unlimited options. Reports are that the Cavs are highly interested in Sergey Karasev, the sweet shooting lefty small forward coming over from Europe. They would still have #19 to work with either drafting another shooter or big man to pair with Karasev and either Alex Len or Nerlens Noel at the #1 pick. Another and possibly exciting possibility for the team is trading both 13 and 19 to trade up for a player that is falling. In this draft its possible for those two picks to allow the team to trade up into the top 10, possibly even to #8 with the Detroit Pistons a team that has significant needs to pair with Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe. The Cavs could look to trade up for falling player. With recent reports that Ben McLemore, the sharp shooter out of Kansas, has struggled in workouts its possible he could be available near the bottom of the first 10 picks. Victor Oladipo is another guard who might interest the team if he falls. The team could also minimize their risk connected with Noel or Len’s injury history by selecting another big like Cody Zeller.

One of the great things of Chris Grant and company putting together so many resources is that they have many options to pursue ways to improve the team. Its possible the Cavs, with the Mavericks trade, could come out of the draft with Noel/Len, Karasev, Marion and another shooter or big man. They could also come out with a huge coup of Noel/Len, McLemore/Oladipo and Marion. During the draft, or during the season, the Cavs would still have Marion, Anderson Varejao and still a ton of future first round draft picks to continue to add to this team either for a playoff push or to add to the young core.