Live Blog of All Draft Picks and How The Impact the Cavaliers


Apr 24, 2013; Independence, OH, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers general manager Chris Grant (right) watches as new head coach Mike Brown (center) puts his arm around team owner Dan Gilbert during a press conference at Cleveland Clinic Courts. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

We will live update the picks from tonight and how each pick impacts the Cavaliers. Enjoy.

1. Cavaliers –  Anthony Bennett SF/PF UNLV

How it Impacts the Cavs Draft – For the rest of the draft the Cavs will still be looking for either a rim protector and a 3 point shooter. The draft has some depth in both of these. Expect the Cavs to keep looking to make trades.

2. Magic – Victor Oladipo – SG Indiana

How it Impacts the Cavs Draft – The first SG off the board. The Cavs will be hoping for a big to fall or a shooting player. The more of those selected the less available when they select.

3. Wizards – Otto Porter Jr – SF Georgetown

How it Impacts the Cavs Draft – The Cavs do not select for another 16 picks but Porter had a chance of falling down the boards and be candidate for the Cavs to move up for. The Wizards have built a quality young 1 thru 3 positions with John Wall, Bradley Beal and Porter.

4. Bobcats – Cody Zeller – PF/C Indiana

How it Impacts the Cavs Draft – No brother’s Zeller in Cleveland, which probably wasn’t going to happen. This may be a run on big men. Expect Len and Noel to come off the board quickly. Unfortunately that is bad news for the Cavs who still need a rim protector.

5. Suns – Alex Len – C Maryland

How it Impacts the Cavs Draft – Another big off the board. Len was possibly a pick at #1 for the Cavs. Noel continues to fall but probably won’t make it much further. The Cavs will continue to hope for a player to fall who is a rim protector. If Len fell further its possible the Cavs would look to try to trade up for him or Noel.

6. Pelicans – Nerlens Noel – PF/C Kentucky

Update: Reports are that Noel has been traded to the 76ers. This means Andrew Bynum will be looking for a new home.

How it Impacts the Cavs Draft – At least at this point, no trade up for the Cavs for Noel. Another big man off the board. With Noel and Anthony Davis teams will have trouble shooting inside on this team for a long time. Shooters like Ben McLemore have fallen which may benefit the Cavs down the road.

7. Kings – Ben McLemore – SG Kansas

How it Impacts the Cavs Draft – McLemore fell some from where he was expected to be selected. Rumors continue of trades involving the Cavs, not for BMc but could include still looking at Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. The Cavs need shooters. While in order the first 7 picks may not be exactly as expected, but 6 of the 7 (besides Zeller) were expected to be the top 6 picks. Trey Burke is the only other player that could of fit in the first 7 picks and should go off the board soon.

8. Pistons – Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – SG Georgia

How it Impacts the Cavs Draft – The Pistons surprise many in selecting a pure 2 guard here. Carter-Williams or Burke seemed to be a better fit for this team. The Cavs continue to see shooters go off the board. The trade of Noel makes you wonder what the Cavs were asking for in their trade discussions where someone could select Noel.

9. TWolves – Trey Burke – PG Michigan

Update: Reports are that Burke has been traded to Portland who also have Damian Lillard. ESPN just reported UTAH is an option.

Update 2: Its to Utah which makes sense for Utah

How it Impacts the Cavs Draft – This pick may be traded but the Cavs are not looking for a PG. The more PGs that can be selected the better for the Cavs as they are 10 picks away without a trade happening.

10.Blazers – CJ McCollum – PG/SG Lehigh

How it Impacts the Cavs Draft – Next to Damian Lillard he can be a scorer but at 6’3″ a little small. For the Cavs the more PGs that go off the board the better it looks for the Cavs who are 9 picks away.

11. 76ers – Michael Carter Williams – PG Syracuse

How it Impacts the Cavs Draft – This will probably be the last PG for at least a few picks. The Thunder have been rumored to talk with the Cavs about a few different things. Sergey Karasev, Shabazz Muhammed and others are still on the board. Big men like Steven Adams are also still there.

12. Thunder – Steven Adams – C Pittsburgh

How it Impacts the Cavs Draft – With a few picks left the Cavs see a possible big man go off the board. The Cavs selected a SF/PF with Bennett. A selection of a Center or shooter at SG or SF should be the goal. Adams has the size but not the experience to fill in the Cavs Center need.

13. Mavericks – Kelly Olynyk – C Gonzaga

Update: Traded to Boston.

How it Impacts the Cavs Draft – A big man, but one without the athleticism that the Cavs would be looking for. The Cavs lose out to trading for this pick. The Cavs were not interested in Olynyk so another out of the way for the team.

14. Jazz – Shabazz Muhammed

Update:  This will be the TWolves as apart of the Trey Burke trade.

How it Impacts the Cavs Draft – Muhammed was a player that would fit for the Cavs. The Wolves were a team that could of looked at Karasev as well. With the Bucks up next its possible that the Russian lefty will go there. Possible the Cavs will not be moving up in the draft after all.

15. Bucks – Giannis Atntetokounmpo – SF

How it Impacts the Cavs Draft – The Cavs may have been interested in developing the “International Man of Mystery” but that Karasev still being on the board can be great for the Cavs. With the Mavs at 16 its possible the Cavs can move up here for him.

16. Boston – Lucas Nogueira – C Brazil

Update: This pick is made for Dallas.

Update: This pick was then traded to Atlanta.

How it Impacts the Cavs Draft – Another big man off the board but the Hawks have 16 and 17 still which means the Cavs still have to wait out that pick. A PG is now possible for the Cavs at 19.

17. Hawks – Dennis Schroeder – PG Germany

How it Impacts the Cavs Draft – The Cavaliers now are more likely to have a shot at Karasev if the Mavericks don’t select him. 1 pick away. Its still possible the Cavs trade with the Mavs so the Mavs get out of the first round leaving the Cavs with 18 and 19.

18. Hawks – Shane Larkin – PG Miami

Update: This is the Mavericks pick

How it Impacts the Cavs Draft – The Cavs have quiet a few options if they select a rim protector or a shooter. Larkin could be a great PG to run pick and roll with Dirk or D12 if they can pull him in as a free agent.

19. Cavs – Sergey Karasev – SG/SF Russia

How it Impacts the Cavs Draft – The Cavs get their shooter. Read are news article here. That will be followed by a review of what the pick means for the team. The Cavs still have their 2 second rounders to package to move up or pickup a veteran. They still lack a rim protector but may believe in Tyler Zeller as their young starting Center of the future. Currently their young starting lineup of the future would be Irving, Waiters, either Bennett or Karasev, Thompson and Zeller. They still have Varejao, Gee and other vets who may start this season.

20. Bulls – Tony Snell – F Mexico

How it Impacts the Cavs Draft – Snell is an athletic forward. With the pick up of Karasev and Bennett the Cavs have filled some wing needs already. Look for the Cavs to hope for a backup PG and athletic big man with their 2 second rounders if they keep them.

21. Utah – Gorgui Dieng – C Louisville

Update: This pick went to TWolves

How it Impacts the Cavs Draft – It was highly unlikely that Dieng would make it another 10 picks. This may allow for Nikola Pekovic to leave as a restricted Free Agent this summer. The Cavs may have some interest in Pek.

22. Nets – Mason Plumlee – PF Duke

How it Impacts the Cavs Draft – With many options at the 4 Plumlee was not high on the Cavs list. The Nets may have just replaced Kris Humphries.

23. Pacers – Soloman Hill – SF Arizona

How it Impacts the Cavs Draft – Another SF is off the board. The Cavs seem to be looking to move up for a specific player, possibly Erick Greene. There is a chance the Cavs could have a PG and a defensive big like Jeff Withey fall to them in the second round.

24. Knicks – Tim Hardaway Jr. – SG Michigan

How it Impacts the Cavs Draft – Hardaway is a great shooter at the 2 with upside. If he fell into the second round he would be of interest for the Cavs. For the Knicks he is someone Carmelo Anthony could kick the ball out to hit a spot up 3, if Melo ever chooses to pass.

25. Clippers – Reggie Bullock – SG/SF North Carolina

How it Impacts the Cavs Draft – Bullock is a great pickup for the Clippers. A knock down shooter next to CP3 and Blake Griffen is a perfect pick. The Cavs would have doubled up if they got Bullock to go with Karasev. Rudy Gobert and Withey are still on the board.

26. T Wolves – Andre Roberson

Update: Traded to Oklahoma City Thunder

How it Impacts the Cavs Draft – Roberson is a athletic SF with the addition of Bennett and Karasev that would mean the Cavs would be unlikely to make this pick.

27. Nuggets – Rudy Gobert – PF/C France

Update: Looks like this pick will be traded, stay tuned.

Update 2: Traded to Utah

How it Impacts the Cavs Draft – Gobert could of been the perfect developmental big man either stashing overseas or in the D-League. Spurs were probably hoping to select Gobert and stash him as they are used to doing.

28. Spurs – Livio Jean-Charles – SF/PF France

How it Impacts the Cavs Draft – Doesn’t seem like a player that fits the Cavs needs at this point in the draft but the Spurs always seem to know better then everyone else. Possibly a stash player at the tender age of 19.

29. Thunder – Archie Goodwin – SG Kentucky

Update: Traded to Golden State.

Update 2: Traded to Suns.

How it Impacts the Cavs Draft – Goodwin could of slipped out of the first round but would not of had a high prospect on the Cavs list with Waiters and Ellington.

30. Suns – Nemanja Nedovic – PG/SG Serbia

Update: Traded to Golden State.

How it Impacts the Cavs Draft – A tall combo guard, has some simliarities to Shaun Livingston and doesn’t seem to be a pick the Cavs would look at. The Cavs have many options now at 31 and 33 it will be interesting what they do. One rumor is that Evan Turner could be moved to the Cavs for one of these picks. Remember many trades happen the night of the draft but later in the night/morning.

31. Cavaliers – Allen Crabbe – SG California

Update: Traded to Portland

How it Impacts the Cavs – The Cavs chose not to select any of the players that could fit their backup PG or rim protector needs.

32. Thunder – Alex Abrines – SG Spain

How it Impacts the Cavs – Another SG does not seem to fit the Cavs needs here, but the Cavs also just traded a pick that could of been used on a need.

33. Cavaliers – Carrick Felix – SG Arizona State

How it Impacts the Cavs – The Cavs ended their night with a surprise pick on a night of surprises throughout the draft. The Cavs left Withey, Myack Kabongo and others to select this lock down wing defender.  Look for our evaluation up on FoS soon.

Hope you enjoyed our review of the picks tonight and there impact on the Cavs. Look for follow up over the next 2 days on, have a great night and Go Cavs!