Reports: Andrew Bynum Meeting with Cavaliers Today: AKA Mike Brown Recruiter


Feb 22, 2012; Dallas, TX, USA; Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum (left) talks with head coach Mike Brown in the third quarter against the Dallas Mavericks at American Airlines Center. The Lakers beat the Mavs 96-91. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Last night Evan wrote up a detailed piece on why the Cavs could be interested in Andrew Bynum and what it might mean. You can read that here. Today Twitter has exploded over the news that Bynum is in town to meet with the Cavs. Here are the tweets and our thoughts.

– That Bynum is coming into town means 3 things: 1) The Cavs have real interest, 2) The Cavs probably have real concern about his knee and 3) Bynum has real interest in coming in for 1 year and playing for Mike Brown and with Kyrie Irving as reported in the past.

– The Cavs have no reason to want to cut into their salary cap for 2014 for a player that did not play last year. To do so would go against Chris Grant’s MO and what they have worked for the last few years.

– If Bynum is thinking long term he can benefit short term by signing with the Cavs who can give him the largest 1 year deal according to Stein. If the Cavs sign him for more then 10 million dollars and he is healthy he can command a large multi year deal next year.

– Obviously the interest is real, and not just the agent making things up. Bynum and his people making the trip show a desire to get this thing to work out.

– Options, options, options. One key component of how Grant has built this team is options. Whether its players with position flexibility or the obtaining of assets, including draft picks, Grant has thrived on options. If the Cavs sign Bynum to a one year deal they can simply renounce his rights after the season to sign a max level player or could hold his Bird Rights to either sign him to a deal over the salary cap or to sign and trade him for more assets.

Mike Brown

What we learned from the signing of Jarrett Jack, and now from Bynum coming into town for a meeting, Brown has power with players. Jack reported that Brown’s desire for him to be a Cav was a key component. Bynum, who played for and struggled with Brown, coming in says that Brown not only has Bynum’s respect, even after benching him, but that Bynum wants to play for Brown. More importantly it also means that Brown has green lit, and probably been a part of recruiting Bynum to the Cavs. The Cavs also brought in Earl Clark, another former Laker who played on Brown. Three players interested in the Cavs, all with either ties to or desire to play for Mike Brown. Brown as a recruiter can play a huge role in all future Cavs free agent targets, including our friend Lebron James. If James then turns into the recruiter he wasn’t in his first stint with the Cavs, then the team has 2 key components and a young Kyrie Irving. Sounds like a great long term plan, with lots and lots of options.