’14 NFL Draft Scenarios for the Cleveland Browns (Week 17)

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Nov 30, 2013; Columbia, MO, USA; Texas A

As the Cleveland Browns look to finish off their season versus the rival Pittsburgh Steelers, the team’s executives and fan base are looking toward the 2014 NFL Draft. The Browns currently sit with the 5th overall pick, having the same record as the Jaguars, Raiders, Falcons and Buccaneers and 1 win better then the Washington Redskins. In the draft tie breakers are first broken by Strength of Schedule, generally this suffices for most ties. For the Browns they currently fall in the middle of the 5 tied teams with a SOS of .520. The Jaguars and Raiders are tied with a SOS of .493 with the Falcons and Bucs drafting behind the Browns with SOS of .540 and .564 respectively.  The Vikings sit at 4-10-1, just behind the five 4-11 teams in the draft order. Overall the 6 teams listed above are the only teams that could move places with the Browns as the Texans are two wins shy of the Browns and the Bills, Titans and Giants are two wins ahead of the Browns. Lets take a look at these 6 teams in Week 17: