Cleveland Sports In Shambles? Speechless!


Dec 23, 2013; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers center Andrew Bynum reacts in the second quarter against the Detroit Pistons at Quicken Loans Arena. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

As a professional counselor and extreme extrovert, this writer is rarely at a loss for words. After Sunday that is exactly how you found this writer. While I was able to finish a Tweet, retweet quite a few and answer a number of texts from fellow Cleveland fans. This morning still only a few words, about each of the three major professional Cleveland sports teams, each of which causing a certain level of concern.

Cleveland Browns

The Browns have reportedly chosen to fire 1st year head coach Rob Chudzinski. Chud is a lifetime Browns fan, brought in in the first year of the Haslam/Banner regime, to turn the page. The front office made many long term moves, with very few win now ones, in what turned out to be a evaluation type year. Starting 3 quarterbacks, trading the starting RB (and former #3 overall pick), not signing a solid #2 cornerback, drafting a developmental pass rusher instead of a road grading guard and many other moves showed that this year was not about the record or results, but about development. Yet the regime is reportedly moving on this quickly from their first head coach. Do they have a plan? Will they be able to draw interest from any solid HC candidates after the way they dealt with Chud? My tweets on the matter:

Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavaliers entered this season with hopes of the playoffs. They signed 3 free agents including the big name of Andrew Bynum to go along with the “perfect fit” Jarrett Jack and developing tall forward Earl Clark. Those free agents joined developing youngsters Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters and Tristan Thompson. The Cavs also had the #1 overall pick, selected Anthony Bennett, with little to no impact positively on the team. Mike Brown was hired again as the head coach, returning as some kind of conquering hero. So far Brown and his system has failed. Then the weekend suspension, and last game, of Andrew Bynum. The team has remained quiet about what happened with Bynum, but it is another black eye on Cleveland sports. Oh yeah the team is 10 – 20 and out of a the playoffs as of now, in a conference that a winning record would get you the 4th seed.

Cleveland Indians

The Indians may not seem to fit this list based on their playoff appearance last season, and the ever confident Terry Francona managing the team. Yet the Tribe, who snuck in based on a highly beneficial finishing schedule, have done little to improve the team. If local beat writers are to be believed the team was out of money before the off-season started. The team spent this year’s money last year on Nick Swisher and Michael Bourne, back loading the contracts after the first year. The team will rely on development from a number of young pitchers and hope for some added power from a number of players to have even a chance at playoff contention.

Factory of Sadness

Today our site is appropriately named for the teams we follow. As we look forward to adding coverage of The Ohio State Buckeyes in the future, they have even let their fans down in their most recent game. So this writer wasn’t exactly speechless but yesterday and today is a day lacking hope for a plan to be ready to look like a professional sports time any time in the near future.