New 7 Round 2014 NFL Mock Draft From Matt Miller

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Jan 31, 2014; New York, NY, USA; Actor Kevin Costner at a news conference about the movie

The Super Bowl has ended, free agency always seems like a crap shoot of guessing until the day is close to arriving and Draft Day the movie is set to be released in theaters. That means one thing: Mock Draft palooza. If site numbers are any indication, you like us love Mock Drafts. They get us thinking about what could be for our beloved Cleveland Browns and arguing over who we think they should take, instead of the putz the analyst gave us.

Matt Miller, of Bleacher Report, just put out his 7 Round Post Super Bowl Mock Draft. Coming from a writer who has created a number of mock drafts, doing a 7 rounder is an amazing testament to his dedication, perseverance and patience. Lets take a look at who Miller has “drafted” to the Browns…. Drum roll please……