Day before Draft Day Release; The Cleveland Browns get a realistic look at the Draft

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September 1, 2012; Atlanta, GA, USA; Clemson Tigers offensive tackle Shaq Anthony (76) and offensive linesman Brandon Thomas (63) celebrate beating the Auburn Tigers while wearing the “Old Leather Helmet” at the Georgia Dome. Clemson won 26-19. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

3-83.) Brandon Thomas T Clemson (from Steelers for Shamarko Thomas, 2 games started, 29 tackles, O Sacks, 0 Pass Def, O Ints) As I previously mentioned the offensive line can use some help outside of the LT position. He played all LT for Clemson last season but some scouts have him rated as the number 2 guard. Either way he’ll improve the offensive line whether starting right away at RT or G or as depth until next season. He can pull quick enough and still have the ability to locate and block to make him an extremely effective T or G in the zone-blocking scheme. With guys like McQuistan, Greco, Thomas and Martin (and potentially Schwartz being able to move inside) there will be lots of versatility which is always helpful for depth. With another solid body in there, there should be some respectability on the line outside of Thomas and Mack, hopefully. So many different options. I’d bring them all into camp and see who projects where. Best case, he solidifies the RT position letting Schwartz move inside and Martin into the LG position. Worse case we added an insurance policy on Mack and added two guards who will be upgrades over Greco and Pinkston allowing Greco to be insurance and back-up C and McQuistan a chance to start at RT leaving an offensive line to look like LT-Thomas, LG-Martin, C-Mack, RG-Thomas, RT-McQuistan with backups of T/G- Schwartz, G-Pinkston, G/C-Greco.

4-106.) Loucheiz Purifoy CB Florida Outside of Joe Haden the Browns are still looking for someone to be the #2. Buster Skrine showed signs of life but might not be good enough to be a #2 on a contending team. Leon McFadden is still on the team but little was heard from last year so while it’s still possible and hopeful he can turn into a starter or #3, I can’t bank on it. Not to mention there is more 3 WR sets than ever before and having a solid group of corners will be needed. Not sure why Purifoy is avaliable this late and why scouts have this grade on him but he is one of the best coverage corners in the league and excells in man to man. He can also help in the running game. Again not sure what the knock on him is but putting him across from Haden can virtually lock down #1s and most #2s with man to man coverage leaving the safeties and linebackers to focus on other aspects leaving lots to be experimented with, something Pettine loves to do. Purifoy would push Skrine for the starting job this season and at the least be a solid nickel to take on opposing #3s, TEs and bring unbelieveable speed to a pass rush.

4-127.) Marcus Smith DE/OLB Louisville (from Colts for Montori Hughes. 0 Starts, 6 total tackles) Coming into the draft I wanted to address a few needs, but not just grabbing them in order of need but locating the players I want and then grabbing them at the right time. I wanted to grab a QB (Manziel) another WR for the #2 (Lee) offensive line help (Martin and Thomas), ILB (Mosley) and Corner (Purifoy). I would still like to grab safety help , more offensive line help, linebacking depth, a running back and maybe another quarterback. But like most teams I have a board with those players who I think will best fit into my scheme, what I need and who I like. With this pick none of those add up but Smith, a guy who has late 2nd-early 3 round talent, has dropped and can fit and upgrade into my scheme. Marcus Smith is versatile, again something Pettine loves in his defensive players. He played all over the field ranging from DE to ILB to OLB and in between meaning he has experience and success lining up all over, something Pettine will do. He can start with his hand on the ground but then drop into solid coverage, messing up routes, confusing the quarterback and leading to lots of early tipped passes. He also can rush the passer, and I mean really rush the passer. He was 2nd in the NCAA with 14.5 sacks!! He is an absolute steal in the 4th round and someone who fits into our scheme and can be an absolute monster is Pettine’s versatile attacking defense. Getting Marcus Smith this late can’t be passed up and will improve an already solid defense.