Weekly FoS 7 Round Browns NFL Mock Draft (Videos Included)

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#106 – A.J. McCarron

As we noted earlier this week the Browns had McCarron in a workout and are looking at him. This pick isn’t based on that information but the possibility that Farmer and Pettine really value players who just know how to win. With the defense we have assembled through free agency and this draft, as well as the talent now on offense, especially through this draft, McCarron could feel like he is back in Alabama.

This FO hasn’t shown a high inclination for a specific physical attribute that they are looking for in a QB. Norv Turner loves guys with big arms. Joe Banner wanted dual threat guys. Maybe Farmer wants one of those or maybe he is just looking for overall players. McCarron has the smarts that will fit in the NFL after a couple years to develop. Aaron Murray is another option here. Players with big arms, and maybe not much else, like Zach Mettenberger and Tom Savage, seem to be getting pushed up the draft at this point but could also fall. Lets take a look at McCarron dominating at Alabama: