5 “Perfect” Scenarios Tonight for the Cavs at the NBA Draft Lottery Tonight


The NBA Draft Lottery is tonight at 8PM. The Cleveland Cavaliers have a slim chance of moving up from the 9th spot, and a slim chance of moving down from it as well. Most likely by 8:30PM we will know that the Cavs are locked in at #9 and will be talking about names like Doug McDermott, Rodney Hood, Adreian Payne and more. For now we want to present 5 “perfect” scenarios for the Cleveland Cavaliers:

#1 – Cavs Get a Top 3 Pick

If the Cavs buck the odds and get a Top 3 pick in this draft the NBA world won’t know what to do with itself. Negative Cavs fans will say that they will screw it up. Conspiracy theorists will say that Dan Gilbert has something on the NBA. Other teams will try to see what they can do to get that pick.

For the Cavs they will have a variety of options. Could they draft Andrew Wiggins and trade for a shot blocking center like Larry Sanders. Could they draft Joel Embiid and try to sign and/or trade for Gordon Hayward. Could drafting either of those players convince a high level free agent, LeBron James or others, to come and join Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters, Wiggins/Embiid and Anthony Bennett in their youth movement? Maybe.

The Cavs would also look to move the pick for a veteran. The best known on the market is Kevin Love and a high level pick plus some of the Cavs youth and extra future picks could be just the ticket. Al Horford and a number of other players would also be in play for the Cavs if their teams were interested in moving them. Adding a young player would seem to make the most long term sense but the Cavs are sick of looking long term and could move a Top 3 pick.

#2 & 3 – The Lakers and Celtics Drop

#2 and 3 are similar in that the Cavs hopes of trading for Love rests on having the best package to trade the T’Wolves. If both the Kings and Pistons leap up into the Top 3 then the Celtics and Lakers would be selecting 7th and 8th with the Cavs 9th. Not a huge difference in this draft. Another team could jump the Cavs, Celtics and Lakers sending them all down another spot as well. Statistically not likely but anything is possible. A couple teams jumping the Celtics and Lakers helps even out the draft pick spots value.

#4 – The Bucks Get Joel Embiid

If the Cavaliers are interested in a shot blocking center then the Bucks getting Embiid, with either the first or second pick, could give the Bucks the push to move Sanders. Based on his contract, behavior and health he may be available cheaper then expected via a trade, especially if Embiid is their selection. The Cavs could move a future pick, or this year’s first depending on their value at #9, along with a combination of players for salary reasons to bring in their starting center and defensive stalwart. If the Bucks draft Wiggins and slide him in at the 2 guard they would be far more likely to keep Sanders and have the longest frontcourt ever.

#5 – The Jazz Get Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker

The Utah Jazz have Gordon Hayward becoming a restricted free agent. He is the type of player that would fit well with the Cavaliers need for shooting around Irving and Waiters. If the Jazz win the #1 pick tonight they could be in line for Wiggins or Parker which could lead to them doing a sign and trade for Hayward. Hayward could play well with either of those two players but the Jazz may look to build around them and want as many shots for them as possible. Adding a veteran like Jarrett Jack and a first round pick for Hayward would allow them to build around Trey Burke, Alec Burks, Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter to go with Wiggins or Parker.

What “perfect scenario” are you hoping for tonight? Have one we didn’t cover here?