Report: Dan Gilbert Flying to South Florida (LeBron James?)


(Update #2: Along with the updates below we have a report that Gilbert’s plane has landed at that this is a picture of said plane.):

As the LeBron James Free Agency seems to be down to 2 or 3 teams (Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers and a mystery team) we have a new report that Cavs owner Dan Gilbert is flying to South Florida:

Obviously this is a huge news as the Cavs look to get the Return of the King storyline in play that many locally have hoped for over the past 2 seasons. In all fairness many locally have also hoped against that happening as well. No matter what side of fence you sit on, his return is the best basketball thing for the Cavaliers.

We covered yesterday the possibility of the Cavs also going after Kevin Love to pair with James. Earlier today we looked at the Heat and Cavs roster comparing the two in relation to age, shooting and a combination of size and athleticism. You can read the Love story here (opens in new window) and the roster comparisons here (also new window). We will soon look at the possibility of the Cavs bring both James and his current running mate Chris Bosh to Cleveland a little later today. (Update: Here is the link to the Bosh/James pairing story posted Sunday afternoon.)

But for now the story is Gilbert. James and Gilbert have their history. One that includes the letter in Cosmic Sans but also includes Gilbert allowing James and his group to have anything they wanted. Gilbert built the Cleveland Clinic Courts closer to James’ home in Akron, he signed or traded for any veteran he could to try to improve the roster and gave the keys to the kingdom to The King and all his Merry Men.

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That is soon forgotten in the narrative of James’ time with the Cavs. He enjoyed a great deal of success and could again if he was going to return. His agent, Rich Paul, has already heard the plans the Cavs have to improve the roster, and reportedly likes it, now may be the time for Gilbert and James to talk face to face. James and Gilbert both have private jets and can fly anywhere they need to, so the fact that James is on vacation shouldn’t create an issue.

Either way the James story seems to be coming to its climax one way or the other. Either James comes back to Cleveland and looks to make good on his promise of a championship or he once again spurns his “hometown” team after more then a week of teasing.

(Update #2: Gilbert is reporting he is in his backyard while someone posted what they report is the flight plan for Gilbert’s plane, both in the following set of tweets:)

-Reportedly SLAN LLC is a part of Rock Financial, which owns the Cavs.

What do you think of this new news? Who do you believe?