The 1st Ever NBA Fan Free Agent! oh… and LeBron James

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Nov 27, 2013; Cleveland, OH, USA; A fans holds up a sign referencing Miami Heat small forward

LeBron James

(not pictured) during a game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Miami Heat at Quicken Loans Arena. Miami won 95-84. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

(Editor’s Note: Just as Ric is our Voice of the Fan, Chris is our opposing voice. Think of them as our Yin and Yang at the Factory. Ric is short, to the point while Chris provides a detailed, entertaining analysis of that which he is passionate about. Today he goes against the current wave of excitement about LeBron James and declares himself a Fan Free Agent if James returns.)

My sources are telling me when asked recently where LeBron James played in his career he said, “Cleveland.” If that doesn’t tell you he’s coming back maybe one of the other 11,000,000 “sources” will. From putting our beliefs in the cupcake industry to my step-brother’s uncle in law who was doing a seance and when he talked to his dead great grandma she said her sources, aka God, was telling Susan (her Sunday Bingo gossip friend) that LeBron James was coming back to Cleveland. I’m mean, if anyone would know it would be God, so clearly LeBron is coming back. Now my thoughts on LeBron are clearly documented, this is actually the first article I’ve written in which I’ll actually say his name. I’m no jersey burner, arson is for the emotionally unstable, just ask Left Eye Lopes. I ripped my LeBron jersey in thirds and threw them in the bar urinals for everyone to urinate on.

As I’ve said many times, if LeBron comes back to Cleveland I will be exploring my own options as an NBA Fan Free Agent. After all these years of rooting against LeBron, I cannot make the switch back to accepting him. I dislike the player and human that he is. For his own benefit, and spare me the “he did it for the kids” cause he could have just granted exclusive rights to a channel and made the money there,  he told the city of Cleveland, his hometown, we weren’t good enough for him. He dumped us on National Television, and call it pride or respect for myself, I won’t be standing with arms open wide to bring him back to Cleveland. I will not get down on my knees and beg for him back because I’m not a 13 year old with raging hormones, though it seems much of the Cleveland media is. I won’t beg for a player who already promised us a championship last time and still owes the city of Miami a minimum of 6 championships. (What happened to having it be so easy Pat Riley could be running the point?)

This is the guy you’re groveling over? Are you not concerned about a guy who is always looking for the shortcut? He’s ruled out the Western Conference because it’s too difficult to get the NBA Finals. I forget who said this, I think Ray Lewis, but I can’t be certain. Someone asked him if it was better now that the QB for the other team would be out for the next game with injury. He said something to the effect of No way. We want him to play because he’s one of the best. And for us to show we are the best, we need to beat the best. That way there’s no one saying well if this and that. No, we went out and took care of business. That’s the mentality you want in a player. It doesn’t matter who stands in his way. He’s going to go get it. Doesn’t matter if you’re down in the series 3-0. You play until it’s over. This is a serious issue when you talking about the LeBron being one of the best players to ever play. When you talk about Jordan you don’t go, yeah he was great but…

With LeBron there’s always this, LeBron is possibly the most talented basketball player ever to play the game but his inability to fight though the bad times, his inability to lead when his team needs him most, will forever keep him from being the best player to ever play, though he certainly could have been. Don’t believe me, look at game 5 this year, quarters 2-4 and look at games 5 & 6 in his final Cavs games. Yes he still puts up stats but you barley realize he’s there playing. If you’re the best player in the league you need to be involved at all times when you’re team is down. You need to be the energy, the focus and the leadership to bring that team out of the slump. Kobe does it. Wade did it, look at the Mavericks final series. LeBron did it back in 2007 when he put on one of the greatest performances ever. LeBron will never be truly great until starts doing that again. So between that and the way he left my city, I will not be waiting on 71 to welcome him back. (Remember this? When he had every team drive into our city so he can take meetings with them, or the out pour of fan support when he took his meeting for the Cavs? Then he didn’t even have the decency to tell our organization) Instead, it is time for me to start looking at my options, and though I hate the guy, LeBron and I have similar options in our free agency.