The 1st Ever NBA Fan Free Agent! oh… and LeBron James

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Jun 18, 2014; San Antonio, TX, USA; San Antonio Spurs championship trophies are displayed during NBA championship celebrations at Alamodome. Mandatory Credit: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Established– No one with any sense of decency likes to be called a front-runner.  You don’t want to be the person to say I’m a ____ fan because they’re hot and winning right now. The same goes with a player. You don’t want to go to a team that already has their #1 or Legend ahead of you. You would like your own legacy (though LeBron kinda cheated this rule when he went to Miami, I don’t think he’s doing the same this time).

As a Fan-You can rule out the Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, Indiana Pacers, Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder, San Antonio Spurs and to an extent the New York Knicks. The Celtics loss is sad because I’m a practicing Irishmen. The Bulls, I can’t because I grew up a Cavs fan hating Jordan and the Bulls, though I love their toughness now. The thought of me being a Miami Heat is….I won’t even justify giving that an ending. OK City is sorta rough because I really liked the Sonics growing up (you’ll see a similar team come up further down) thanks to Shawn Kemp being one of my favorites and I loved rooting for the way they built the team. Negatives are they already have a solid fan base, they stole the Sonics from the Seattle and traded James Harden to break up one of the closest young team possibly ever. The Spurs also fit the Thunder’s positives but are very patient at growing their team and reward loyalty. The Knicks would be fun to join because of that New York style of fandom. With no true ties into any of these contenders, I have to earn my fanship, meaning there will be no bandwagon jumps.

For LeBron-Can rule out a lot of the same. Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, Indiana Pacers, OK City, Spurs. I can’t see LeBron going to the Celtics with the shadow of Bill Russell’s banners hanging above and with the recent rivalries with the Celtics the past 6 years, plus and maybe more mainly there’s nothing to entice him. In Chicago he’ll never be as loved as 23. The Pacers seem anti-Lebron (same could be said about Chicago). He can’t be going to Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant and expect anyone to take his legacy seriously, same goes with the Spurs.

You Can’t Feed Me with that Cabinet-These teams having nothing to offer at this point. There’s no identity being built and if there is there’s really nothing to be excited about, or for LeBron it’s not close to blooming.

As a FanCharlotte Hornets and Sacramento Kings

The Charlotte Hornets have been a disaster since they’ve started. I’ve never been intrigued by them, never felt any connection to any player they’re ever had and nothing stands out to me. Plus they’re ran by Michael Jordan, who I respect but again thanks to those Bulls’ day and never making a sequel to Space Jam, I don’t like. The only team worse than the Hornets might be the Kings. They’re constantly rumored to be moving and never seem to be doing anything.

For LeBron-Charlotte Hornets, Milwaukee Bucks, Minnesota Timberwolves, Orlando Magic, Philadelphia 76ers, Sacramento Kings, and the Utah Jazz.

With the Hornets would LeBron play for MJ? Not sure. But he’s definitely not playing for the Hornets. This rookie was drafted 13th and even he doesn’t want to play for the T’Wolves. The Magic are starting to get a good base set but are still far too away for LeBron to consider. Plus if Howard and Shaq both felt too good for Orlando, you think LeBron would just go there, especially after being in Miami these last 4 years? The 76ers have a plan just not one that will show or be worth anything for 3 years. LeBron can’t wait that long. The Kings are an abomination with the Jazz and Bucks being similar to the Magic.