The 1st Ever NBA Fan Free Agent! oh… and LeBron James

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Dec 10, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers guard

Kobe Bryant

(24) reacts during the game against the Phoenix Suns at Staples Center. The Suns defeated the Lakers 114-108. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Strong Possibilities

As a FanGolden State Warriors, L.A. Lakers, Memphis Grizzlies, Orlando Magic, and the Philadelphia 76ers. Anyone who gets Dion Waiters (preferably with Anthony Bennett) in a possible trade.

I love the way the Grizzlies play. They’re team oriented and they play tough D. There’s a certain underdog to them, a certain underappreciateness to them because they lack the star player, play in a big market or have a sexy style of play. They remind me a lot of the late 80’s early 90s Cavs. Plus Mike Conley was my favorite player on the National Championship appearance Ohio State Buckeyes. I had a flirting with the Magic as a kid because I liked Penny, Shaq, Nick Anderson and Horace Grant. I remember having a jersey and shorts (probably because I loved Kazaam and Shaq-Fu so much), so there’s that. The Magic are also in the rebuilding process which makes them appealing to me to kinda start fresh. Like a reboot. They’re also a team starting to look more like the Grizzlies. No star player just everyone busting at it together. The Philadelphia 76ers are interesting because they’re a blank slate. Chances are one of the 2 recently high drafted centers will succumb to injury or just bust out. Not that I don’t like anyone of them (though Embiid scares the hell out of me with his injury) it’s just the law of averages. Other than MCW what is there to talk about? They really seem like an expansion team right now. And what better way to start as a new fan than with an expansion-esque team.  Also as I mentioned earlier, any team that gets Dion Waiters in a trade would instantly jump to this category…. unless it’s the Heat. The Warriors and Lakers fall into that category of soon they’ll probably be my hometown area so since I’m starting fresh might as well be a team I’ll be living by. The Warriors are exciting and their fans are amazing. The 2007 Playoff series will never be forgotten by anyone. That was extraordinary. Now they have that “never say die attitude.” You never feel like they’re out of a game. They have an extremely likeable team from Seth Curry to Klay Thompson to the D of Andre Iguodala. Plus they haven’t accomplished enough to be a bandwagoner if you jump on, but they’re right there. It might be too late next season to jump on. The Lakers are in a weird spot of their history. It seems like it’s the changing of the guard and though I’ve always felt like the Lakers were the Yankees of the NBA, who I despise and are one of the main reasons MLB is unfun to watch or care about, there’s a vulnerability now. Yes they have had everything they’ve ever wanted, but now seems different. Howard left them. Kobe is deteriorating and there doesn’t seem to be the next answer around. I like their young team in Julius Randle and Kendall Marshall but they’re not star players. Kobe is also probably the guy I respect most on the court. His tenacity, his never quit attitude, his constant practicing, his I will do everything I possibly can to get us to where we need to be, his attention and effort on D, his I’m going to shut you down and shut you up attitude and every other intangible he has. And Steve Nash is incredible as well. You feel for the guy. I’d love to see them push forward and who doesn’t want to see a LeBron vs Kobe NBA Finals matchup? I’d love to pull for this team and if there ever was a time to jump on the Lakers it’s now. I don’t think anyone would consider you a bandwagoner for jumping on the Lakers after their past few seasons.

For LeBron-Golden State Warriors, L.A. Lakers

All the reasons I listed above for the Warriors are reasons LeBron should be considering them. There is no shadows here and they haven’t made their mark yet. What you have is excellent floor spacing and shooters that will take you to places you’ve always dreamed of.  They’re also extremely young so the window is open. You can blame cap space as a reason they couldn’t get it done but they can make it work by trading contracts and even doing a sign and trade with Miami to offer up a few 1st rounders and David Lee. They did  it last season to grab Iguodala. Personally I think LeBron on the Lakers makes the a lot of sense for everyone.  Melo and Kobe together seem redundant with each being more shooters who need the ball constantly. A trio of Kobe, LeBron and Gasol would be a lot better strategy. LeBron can play more of a point guard and not constantly worry about being the go to offensive man allowing him to be more creative while Kobe handles the pressure and leadership, something LeBron can learn from. Gasol meanwhile gives LeBron a solid defender at the rim as well as a solid post player plus the ability to play with Steve Nash would make quite the starting 5. Nash, Kobe, LeBron, Julius Randle and Gasol. The Lakers also are building a younger core with Kendall Marshall and Randle. Or the Lakers maybe able to strike a deal with Randle, draft picks and Gasol to grab Kevin Love giving him a starring buddy for the future. If not, I wouldn’t fear. Love might be available in next year’s free agency with Kobe either retiring or taking a pay cut to add Love for his final run. Plus LeBron and LA should be enough to entice any free agent.