Kevin Love to the Los Angeles Lakers is Silly


Nov 5, 2014; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love (0) arrives at EnergySolutions Arena prior to the game against the Utah Jazz. Mandatory Credit: Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

We are only six games into the season and the hyperbole is already a-flowing with the Cleveland Cavaliers. When there is a “super team,” having struggles or playing sluggish at different times, this is what comes with the territory, unfortunately.

Seemingly, it has already started earlier with the Cavaliers than it did with the Miami Heat during the 2010-2011 season.  There have been a number of *insert negative adjective here* rumors that have been said that just aren’t going to happen or are false.

One such rumor was that the Cavaliers were in talks with the Boston Celtics about Rajon Rondo. The Cavaliers would trade their $90 million point guard for a player in Rondo that is known to have authority issues and has to be motivated in order to play his hardest. Another rumor floated around was that Dion Waiters is part of the Israeli militia group “ISIS” because he is a Muslim and doesn’t support the national anthem.

Those do not compare to this recent rumor by Chicago Bulls writer Sam Smith. Smith believes that once Kevin Love opts out, he will elect free agency and join the Los Angeles Lakers to play with Kobe Bryant.

“I’m committed to this team and committed long term to the end goal, which is to win a championship.”

This is just Smith’s opinion, however he has been wrong on more occasions than he’s been right. For example, last year around Thanksgiving, the Cavaliers were struggling under Mike Brown’s system. There were numerous rumors of Kyrie Irving, Dion and Tristan Thompson getting into a heated spat in the locker-room following a 28-point loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves. After this was said, Smith was one of the first writers to say that Irving wouldn’t re-sign with the Cavaliers and would potentially join the Lakers last Summer.  Well, Kyrie is still a Cavalier and is playing well at the start of this early season. Now he is saying that Love is going to opt out and “seriously consider” joining the Lakers because he went to UCLA.

The rumor mill will never stop churning out gossip as the year goes on,  but with Smith’s track record thus far, he should stick with covering the Chicago Bulls and not trying to trade all of the Cavaliers top player’s to Los Angeles.  The team is well aware that Lebron James and Love are going to opt out of their deals once the new $2.7 billion television deal is set in 2016.  The Cavaliers will be the only team that can offer both player’s max deals unless they both elect free agency and get a smaller deal elsewhere. That is highly unlikely. Love has even said himself that he is committed to the team for the long haul whether they make it to the NBA Finals or not.

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“I’m committed to this team and committed long term to the end goal, which is to win a championship.” As a Cavaliers fan, the quote sounds eerily similar to what Lebron James said back in 2009 about staying long term and not joining forces to chase a ring but these are under different circumstances now. While not endorsing what James did to the team and the city in 2010, this team actually has a plan and the surrounding pieces for a perennial championship run.

Going to the Lakers would be taking a significant step back especially with an aged Bryant and a young team that is in the process of rebuilding. It just wouldn’t make any sense. Another thing that is loss is that if he really wanted to go to the Lakers he had a chance to last Summer. He had the power to block the Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett trade and demand a trade to Los Angeles.

In the words of Dan Gilbert, you can rest easy Cavs fans. Love is in the air and isn’t leaving anytime soon.

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