Cleveland Browns Starting Quarterbacks Since 1999: Where Are They Now?

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Kelly Holcomb parlayed a 400-yard playoff passing effort against the Pittsburgh Steelers into a starting job the next season.

Then coach Butch Davis famously said he had a “gut feeling” about Holcomb, but it may have just been something unsettling Davis ate for lunch.

Holcomb did provide thrills for Browns fans backing up Tim Couch, but the more and more he played, the more obvious it became that he was a career backup for a reason.

That assessment held true in Holcomb’s next stop, with the Buffalo Bills.

After his playing days, Holcomb worked as a color analyst for his alma matter, Middle Tennessee State University. He’s since stepped down from that role to spend more time with his family. Most recently, he was a volunteer assistant quarterback coach at a Tennessee high school.