Comparing NFL Rushing Quarterbacks, Johnny Manziel, And First Pro Starts

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Randall Cunningham was the top rushing quarterback, until Mike Vick passed him by. Andy Kayt/Sports Illustrated

The Godfather of running quarterbacks in the modern age, Randall Cunningham had a forgettable start through the air when he made his debut with the Philadelphia Eagles in 1985.

The second-round pick out of Nevada started the second game that season, completing 14-0f-34 passes with four interceptions.

While he left a lot to be desired in the passing game, Cunningham offered glimpses into how dangerous a player he could be with 90 rushing yards on 10 carries.

By the time he was throwing bombs to Randy Moss in Minnesota during the 1998 season, many younger fans probably never knew of Cunningham’s ability to get out of the pocket and make plays with his legs–something that resulted in touchdowns 35 times.

In his career, Cunningham rushed for 4,928 yard, which makes him the second-most prolific rushing quarterback of all-time.

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