National Title Game: 2nd Quarter Analysis and Grades


The National Title Game is on. The Ohio State Buckeyes take on the Oregon Ducks in the first ever College Football Playoffs. The 4th ranked Buckeyes and the 2nd ranked Ducks fought hard to get here and we will cover every snap of the game as we hope to root on the Buckeyes to victory.

We will have quarterly analysis and grades here for you for the National Title Game.

New Windows: 1st Quarter


  • Cardale Jones takes off for a long scramble as the Ducks lose contain.
    • Jones saw the opening and took the space quickly.
    • Next play Jones and Ezekial Elliott can’t handle the mesh point on Zone Read.
    • Fumble. Ducks recover.
  • Marcus Mariota audibles for a big gain over the middle.
    • Big swing as Buckeyes had the Ducks on their heels before the fumble.
  • On 3rd and goal the Ducks run a Mariota sweep.
  • Ducks go for it on 4th down.
    • Bucks stop Thomas Tyner at the goal line.
    • Bucks ball.
  • Ezekiel Elliott with another big run to get out from the goal line.
    • With the lead Ohio State can stay focused on running the ball.
  • Jones hits Corey Smith who catches and runs down to the 15.
    • Ducks DB puts helmet to ball forcing a fumble.
    • Ducks recover.
    • Big blown chance for the Buckeyes.
  • The Buckeyes defense destroys Ducks offense for a 3 and out.
    • Sack on Mariota leads to punt.
    • Buckeyes ball in Ducks territory again, 49 yard line.
  • On 3rd and 12, Jones takes his time, slides in the pocket and fires deep.
    • Devin Smith catches deep ball at the 6 yard line.
  • Jones with 2 straight QB draws for a TD.
    • Elliott with a key block in front of Jones freeing him for the score.
    • Played reviewed, ball down just short of the goal line based on replay.
    • 3rd Down at the half foot line.
    • Next play Jones spins in for a TD.
    • Bucks 21 Ducks 7
  • Ducks get the ball with just less than 5 minutes left.
    • Buckeyes get the ball after half. A stop here would be huge.
  • Mariota hits Dwayne Stanford to midfield.
    • Big hit can’t dislodge the ball.
    • Ducks driving.
  • Defense is getting tired but force Ducks to 3rd down.
    • Ducks make the play with a throw back pass.
  • Force Ducks into a 4th and 4 and a field goal attempt.
    • Mariota misses his tight end on an easy throw that would have been first, maybe more.
    • Field Goal is Good.
    • Bucks 21 Ducks 10
    • 48 seconds left in the half.
    • OSU Ball after half.
  • Buckeyes look to run the clock but Oregon has 3 timeouts.
    • 3 runs and the Bucks punt.
    • Ducks ball with 14 seconds left and ball at the 32 yard line.
    • Bucks bring down Ducks on a trick play at the end of half.
    • Bucks 21 Ducks 10
    • Buckeyes ball after half.

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Buckeyes: A- The Buckeyes did everything they could, except hold on to the ball. Without the turnovers the game would likely be far out of hand. Instead the Bucks are only up 11 going into halftime.

Ducks: C- The Ducks did not play well this quarter but were able to make enough big plays to keep the game from getting out of hand. The Buckeyes defense have put pressure on Mariota and have kept the Ducks running game in check. The defense has not been good but made a big play to knock the ball out of Smith’s hands and recover.

What are your thoughts on this quarter of the National Title Game?

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