Cleveland Cavaliers: LeBron James Sets New Record in Team’s Win


The accomplishments continue to rack up for the Cleveland star.

LeBron James led the Cleveland Cavaliers to a 2-1 series lead in the 2015 NBA Finals last night with a win over the Golden State Warriors. During the contest, James ended up setting another record in the process.

The two time NBA champion set the record with the most points in the first three games of an NBA Finals with 123.

James had an unbelievable stat line with another triple double! He had 40 points, 12 rebounds and 8 assists.

It is amazing to see the Cavs star play and the way he is taking over games. Watching the game we know he is not alone however, as he has had solid production from role players filling some key roles. One key role player this series has been PG Matthew Dellavedova.

There is no doubt Delly is giving great effort and defending Stephen Curry very well. He is doing a little bit of everything in the playoffs. Dellavedova is a player as everyone who has watched basketball recently knows, is not going to light up a box score, but impacts the game more with the little things he does.

If (when) the team wins it all, he is not going to be the Finals MVP, but will be remembered in Cleveland sports history as a very intricate part of success like Miami’s Mike Miller and James Jones in their championship run.

LeBron also have been playing with extra motivation that has yet to be known. This motivation could be plenty of things. Some possibilities that would make sense includes the feeling he deserved to be the MVP and doing whatever he can to stop the Michael Jordan comparisons.

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There is also the fact that if he wins a championship being from Akron, especially in a situation where he is the only one of the “Big Three” still  playing that all will finally be forgiven after he left to go to Miami.

Cleveland fans have been waiting on this for years and deserves it as well. This is in addition to the fact of his ambition and drive to get another ring as a competitor. The championship option is what I believe is his unknown motivation.

James and the rest of the team is in great shape, figuratively, not literally because of all the injuries we know they are dealing with, heading into game four.

With a 2-1 lead, game four at home, winners of two straight and the opportunity to head back to California with a 3-1 lead, gives the organization all the momentum in this series. Best of all, history is on their side.

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