Cleveland Browns: 4 Future Events That Should Never Happen

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May 26, 2015; Berea, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns quarterback Josh McCown (13) during organized team activities at the Cleveland Browns training facility. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Josh McCown is likely to start the season under center.  He’s been serviceable at his position for a number of years. Though with his age and previous performance, he is not going to be the starter for many seasons. The Browns continue to say all the right things regarding backup QB Johnny Manziel, but will he ever be the franchise QB the team thought it was getting?

The Browns need a long-term QB for after McCown, and Manziel does not give me that confidence. In the meantime, I am looking forward to McCown and what he can do for the team. What I am not looking forward to however, if his play is similar to last season. He had a horrible season, but then again he played behind a bad offensive line with not much of a running game.

He’s likely to struggle, and when he does, look out. The fans, media, front office and eventually the coaching will pull the plug. There is no Aaron Rodgers running out of the tunnel, so there is going to be some rough moments.

Brian Hoyer was pulled for Manziel last year and that did not go well.

When Cleveland does struggle, remember this: 1.) Yes, Cleveland has had more starting QBs than any other team since 1999. They can’t do anything now though to fix that, so they need to move forward. They cannot pull McCown immediately.

2.) Regardless of how you feel about Manziel, Cleveland is not going to have a “franchise” QB this year.

3.) Cleveland will still have plenty of opportunities to win many games this year…given McCown can do a solid job in a balanced attack with the running game. The defense has to stay healthy too. If this happens,  Cleveland should have an impressive season.

I’m crossing my fingers for McCown. Like it or not, he’s the best guy on the roster, and he gives the team the best chance to win.

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