Cleveland Browns: 4 Future Events That Should Never Happen

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Aug 2, 2014; Akron, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine looks on during training camp at InfoCision Stadium Summa Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Another event that is definitely a hot topic regarding among Browns fans is the team’s potential and likely move to Columbus for training camp next season. I’m not a fan of that. There is nothing wrong having their training camp in Berea, a southern suburb of Cleveland.

The team moving their training camp removes tradition.

I know the drive is not too far from Cleveland, but why move in the first place? It is understandable why Cleveland has interest in moving down to the 614, but I would not move the camp down there. What is not broken does not need fixed.

I completely get why the interest is there to move the camp, but there are similarities and differences  in both areas. One of the most pressing issues, not just in Berea, but multiple areas is parking. In Berea, there is limited parking. Many parking areas are located very close to people’s homes if you cannot get a space elsewhere. I know it will be not much different in a busy city, especially around the campus area.

Some teams do not even leave their area where they play home games. Others do not go far, just to their headquarters and training facilities like Cleveland’s in Berea.

If a move happens, why don’t they just stick to NE Ohio and go to University of Akron, which they have been to before, or other related areas? Change is a good thing, but I cannot back this change, at least not yet anyways.

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