Ohio State: Elliott Is More Than Worthy Of Heisman Talk


The Ohio State football team is still undefeated. However, their season as a whole with the many struggles have not been expected. On the other hand, one constant is RB Ezekiel Elliott‘s play, who is worthy of the Heisman Trophy.

How about Ohio State’s RB Ezekiel Elliott? As the season progresses, his play continues to go to another level! His game statistics of 23 carries for 274 yards with three touchdowns against Indiana University is just the most recent example.

If he can continue to get at least that amount of carries, then the Buckeyes will continue to be in the game — even ones like this weekend’s game. I actually would not mind seeing him get closer to 26-28 carries week after week.

Given how outside of Elliott the Buckeyes’ offense has struggled, it is great to see Elliott carrying the team as they work through their struggles. Without him, Ohio State easily could be with one or two losses already this season which is why he deserves as much as Heisman consideration as possible.

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In fact if the season ended today, he should be the favorite to win the trophy.

So far through five games, Elliott has rushed for 729 yards and 8 TDs on 100 attempts.

Evaluating the landscape of the top players in the country, Elliott is right there and he likely means more to his team than other players across America. Each game of his tops the previous.

Yet, I have not heard Elliott’s name be mentioned as much by college football analysts, commentators, or broadcasters. Yes he is under consideration, but it seems that he may be an after thought to some. After today, I would expect that to change.

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What if Ohio State’s offensive struggles continues, particularly with their QB position? They will need as many plays from key playmakers and Elliott leads that category for the team. Even when QB Cardale Jones turns his play around or QB J.T. Barrett comes in and runs the offense, Elliott will continue to be key.

Other players who have had great seasons so far includes Texas Christian’s QB Trevone Boykin and Louisiana State’s RB Leonard Fournette. Both of those players are deserving of their recognition, but a Buckeye RB should definitely be mentioned in the same breath.

Heisman Trophy winners have a moment during the season where he has a game and/or a play that makes people say wow.

Was today’s game for Elliott that moment? Though he has been doing some great things for the team, today was not it, but the moment should come soon.

As long as everything continues to go well for Elliott, prior to the college football’s bowl season, he should be declared as this year’s Heisman Trophy winner.

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