Cleveland Indians: Standing Pat Is Not An Option


The Cleveland Indians struggled early on during the 2015 season. However, progress was made throughout the year, but the team must continue to improve in order to compete in 2016.

The Cleveland Indians made up some ground in the second half of this season. That was mostly due to when they had an 8-0 run after the MLB All Star break and the Atlanta Braves trade. After that run of success, Cleveland played more or less .500 baseball!

Let’s face it, that is just not near good enough to get the job done unless you want a one game wild card. That type of success was something they still couldn’t do this year.

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Cleveland lost every season series to their entire division — from the Kansas City Royals all the way through to the Chicago White Sox. The Tribe committed many errors, combined with bad starting pitching and their bullpen blew. The Indians were also unable to produce offensively. That is beyond unacceptable and borders on absurd.

This team has many holes. As it is constituted today, the Indians have too many problems to contend.
The starting pitching, defense and offense is lacking and the bullpen needs an overhaul. If this organization stands pat or does its usual approach of dumpster diving as they sign other team’s cast off players, improvement with the team and the attendance is not going to happen.

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Now it is learned that 1B/DH Carlos Santana had a back problem for most of the season. Santana told Indians manager Terry Francona about it, but he wanted to play through it. Now it’s an excuse for his lack of performance in the first half of the season. Although I commend Santana’s willingness to play through injury, I question that it really helped the team.

He’s not the best defensive player, so he’s in the lineup because of his bat. I must question Francona on allowing his play. I have had back surgery and the back is a very important part for all body movement. Santana could have been hurt worse while playing with the problem!

I firmly believe that this team won’t do much in free agency again but they may be able to work a trade or two. Should that occur, hopefully it turns out better than the 1B/OF Brandon Moss deal.

Cleveland needs a middle of the order power hitter, not a strike out waiting to happen. They also need to shore up the bullpen and to work with RP Cody Allen if he is going to be the closer. P Trevor Bauer also needs help to pitch at a high level all year long in 2016.

Their defense still needs improved and I do not mean shifting the players on the infield. They know what they need and they have to come up with a way to get it. Improvements must be made, even on their restricted program budget!

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