Cleveland Indians: Does Mediocrity Continue In 2016?


The Cleveland Indians 2015 season is over. There are some things from this season that fans can be excited about. However, will the team see any success next year without any significant improvements within their front office?

The 2015 season was supposed to be the year the Cleveland Indians take the next level, be a contender, and make some noise in the playoffs. That expectation did not occur.

Can fans legitimately be confident that the team will do enough in the offseason to upgrade the team enough to fulfill goals of under performing play? I am hopeful but I am also realistic and I know that likely will not happen.

Prior to the end of the season, former Indians President Mark Shapiro announced that he will be leaving at the end of the season to take the Toronto Blue Jays’ president job. Earlier today, the Tribe made the moves to replace Shapiro.

Of the moves, the ones involving Chris Antonetti and Mike Chernoff being promoted are the most interesting. Why did Antonetti get promoted? I cannot answer that, but I do disagree with the decision.

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No franchise is perfect and zero will ever be when making their respective personnel decisions. Though Cleveland has had their moments with success, overall the team has not been able to do enough to succeed and really contend with their rivals.

Since no outside person is coming into the jobs once held by Shapiro or Antonetti, why would 2016 be any different? Well, the front office will have their chance to show why the Tribe will be better. Taking that chance and actually doing something with it is a another story.

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Trying to improve the team’s chances for next season does not help when the ownership does not go out of their way to make sure the Tribe will be contending.

Seeing improvements in the outfield with a signing (I know unrealistic) of OF Carlos Gomez and improving pitching are two areas  that many fans would like to see upgraded. Perhaps the Indians may have a small chance and be a dark house in a pursuit of Of Yoenis Cespedes? If that happened that would be great, but as always I’d wait to see this or that player actually signs in Cleveland.

Since nothing has really changed in the front office, what can Cleveland fans look forward to in 2016? Watching a core led by hopefully a healthy OF Michael Brantley, 2B Jason Kipnis, and SP Corey Kluber is definitely exciting.

Adding 3B Giovanny Urshela and likely A.L. Rookie of the Year SS Francisco Lindor improving daily along the team’s core also gives some excitement– not to mention their talented starting pitching!

Fans know the key players, including the younger players like Lindor will be back. As the offseason progresses, the mediocrity speculation in 2016 will be considered until there is obvious answers showing something else. I hope for the best this offseason for Cleveland. However, going into next season I will be cautiously optimistic.

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