Ohio State: Did Coach Meyer Get The QB Decision Wrong?

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Oct 3, 2015; Bloomington, IN, USA; Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback J.T. Barrett (16) warms up before the game against the Indiana Hoosiers at Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

A Change Needs To Be Made

Ric McElroy

Quite frankly, Cardale Jones has had his time as number one and he hasn’t corrected his mistakes very much at QB. He hasn’t learned the art of the touch pass, is overthrowing his targets on a regular basis, and looks indecisive on his zone read calls.

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It’s time to give J.T. Barrett a chance, but he needs time with the first unit. He needs to sort his timing out with the first string. It would be unfair for them to just throw him in a game without the needed practice. I trust Urban Meyer, but unless Barrett is really bad in practice, he should get his chance.

Ryan Rosko

Yes it looks like coach Urban Meyer got the decision wrong. Cardale Jones has not played great all season. Other factors contributes to his play, but it all comes back to how the QB plays and how he deals with the many situations he finds himself in.

Should J.T. Barrett not have gotten injured, he would have led the Buckeyes to the National Championship. Last season’s team was Barrett’s. This season should be Barrett’s as well– he is more of a leader than Jones and Barrett is a more accomplished passer.

One reason coach Meyer could have decided on Jones is because of the eligibility with the QBs. Coach Meyer needs to realize that Jones is not the guy for this team and that he is overrated. Since Jones continues to put the team’s chances of winning at risk, while also getting replaced, a change is needed sooner rather than later. Barrett needs to start.

If Jones remains the starter all season, OSU will not see the opportunity to repeat as Division 1 College Football’s National Champions.

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