How Tristan Thompson’s Mom Could End Her Son’s Holdout With The Cleveland Cavaliers


Tristan Thompson remains a restricted free agent, and the Cleveland Cavaliers are a couple weeks away from opening the season against the Chicago Bulls at the United Center. So when will the holdout end? If Tristan’s mother has anything to say about it, her son will be on the court for Game No. 1.

Contract negotiations between Tristan Thompson and the Cavaliers have been pretty quiet in recent weeks. There was a report the Cavs pulled their five year, $80 million offer. It was reported by Larry Coon of Basketball Insiders, but has yet to be verified by anyone else.

That’s been the only blip on the radar, as the Cavs face the real possibility of not having their rebounding machine when the tip off against the Bulls in a couple weeks.

What can possibly end the stalemate?

How about Tristan’s mother, who according to Sam Amico of, wouldn’t be happy to see her son’s consecutive games streak end as the result of a contract holdout. The Fox Sports analyst made the comments on Canton’s WHBC radio (2:06):

"“Listen, I can tell you one thing that makes me believe that he could potentially could be signed by opening day and that’s his consecutive games streak. I can tell you this: If he is not signed by opening day, and that consecutive games streak comes to an end, his mother is going to want answers, and I’m not kidding you about that because that’s a big deal to her.And it’s a big deal to Trsitan Thompson and she is not going to turn to the Cavaliers for those answers. She’s going to want answers from Rich Paul, why isn’t my kid signed and now his consecutive streak, his iron man streak with the Cavaliers has com not end.”"

Tristan has played in all 82 regular season games for the past three seasons. While injuries have plagued many of the Cavs well-known starts, Thompson has been dependable.

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If this actually is a problem for Tristan’s mom, Paul’s agent could always try and sell her on the fact that Thompson’s not under contract, so technically, he’s not missing any games.

Amico gave the impression that it would be a hard sell for Paul, who would probably be without Thompson as client if he didn’t represent the best basketball player in the world.

This is especially true if the Cavs have pulled their offer, as Coon indicated. Amico has indicated that Thompson and Paul are going to be the camp that blinks. He also surged that if Paul wasn’t LeBron’s agent, Tristan would’ve been dealt long ago.

"“Frankly, if [Rich Paul] wasn’t LeBron James‘ agent, they would’ve traded [Tristan Thompson] already.  [The Cavs] are sensitive to the fact that Rich Paul also represents LeBron James….they would have traded him somewhere, gotten his replacement and frankly, I think Tristan would’ve fired his agent if that were the case.”"

As silly as it sounds, who knows how much pull Tristan’s mom will have if this holdout extends into the regular season.

As for LeBron, he made headlines by saying the hold out was a “distraction,” but that could be viewed as a push to both Thompson, and the Cavaliers, to get a deal ironed out.

While no deal appears to be looming, Amico did hint that the deal could still get done before opening tip.

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