OSU: Which Spot In The Playoffs Would They Be In Right Now?

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Jan 12, 2015; Arlington, TX, USA; Ohio State Buckeyes mascot Brutus plays with the College Playoff trophy after the game against the Oregon Ducks for the 2015 CFP National Championship Game at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Ohio State Buckeyes made college football history last season. That was not because they simply won College Football’s National Championship, but because they won the championship in college football’s first playoffs.

The Buckeyes pull off a very challenging feat, one at times seemed unrealistic due to injuries. The question now is will Ohio State repeat? Yes they can, but are they first going to even get the opportunity to be involved in the playoffs? Of course. There cannot be the playoffs without the reigning champs involved.

Where would Ohio State be ranked in the playoffs if the regular season ended today and who else would be in the playoffs? With just a couple of weeks left till the first top four rankings are revealed, the Factory of Sadness team gives their thoughts and opinions on where the Buckeyes would fall in the rankings and who would join them.

Ric McElroy

In no particular order, Clemson would have to be included. They have passed two hard tests against Notre Dame and Georgia Tech. Notre Dame was highly rated and was on a roll. It was a big win for them. Then they followed up with Georgia Tech and had no let down. They always have a history of bad plays, bad luck, and let downs with teams that did not show up.

Baylor would be my next pick as they are really playing well. They have not just beaten their opponents, they crushed most of them! Baylor seems to be the class of the Big 12. Plus, they do not have the up and down games some pretenders have.

Next would be Ohio State. Although they have not played anyone extremely tough, and have had their ups and downs and close calls, they seem to have figured out their quarterback situation. Lets see if that continues. The hardest part of their schedule is to come. OSU’s defense is stepping it up.

The last team is the hardest one to call, but it would be LSU. They are very dependent on one player and that is RB Leonard Fournette. He is truly an amazing player and so hard to stop. They must develop a little better quarterback play. LSU has a staunch defense and a tough schedule.

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