Johnny Manziel’s Girlfriend: Who Is Colleen Crowley?


Jul 9, 2014; Boston, MA, USA; Cleveland Browns quaterback Johnny Manziel (second from left) watches a game between the Boston Red Sox and the Chicago White Sox during the seventh inning at Fenway Park. Mandatory Credit: Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel is making headlines again for all the wrong reasons after a domestic incident involving Manziel’s girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, in Avon, Ohio–a west-side suburb of Cleveland. Both were drinking, although police determined neither were intoxicated. But what kind of impact does the TCU student have on Manziel’s environment. Who is the woman, known by many, asa socialite, social-media star?

Johnny Manziel appeared to be serious about turning his life around. A failed rookie season later witnessed Manziel enter rehab for a reported drinking problem. Professionally and personally, Manziel was in a tailspin.

He spent most of the offseason getting treatment, while many wondered what would become of the former Heisman Trophy winner. Would the Browns trade him? Would the team cut him? Would Johnny stay clean? Could he? He’d have to rely on the people around him and his environment if he was ever going to have a chance. It takes an addict eight attempts before they’re successful in recovery. The odds were already stacked against Manziel–and it didn’t appear Colleen Crowley was going all in with support.

The public wondered if Manziel would be able to beat his addiction, because in April, a story was published detailing how Crowley wouldn’t be giving up her partying lifestyle, which is chronicled on the pages of Instagram–a website that she’s amassed more than 130,000 followers since becoming Manziel’s girlfriend, according to The Daily Mail.

Crowley is a native of Houston, who apparently still attends TCU, although she spends enough time in Cleveland to list it on on her Instagram bio. According to The Daily Mail, Crowley was picked to model for the streetwear brand, No Rulez NY. Her sister reportedly dates Dallas Mavericks star, Chandler Parsons.

After the most recent incident involving Manziel, Crowley took to Instagram to explain what had happened, explaining that it was private, and that she understands why the police were called.

Manziel also tok to Twitter, echoing his girlfriend’s statement…

While neither did anything to warrant charges, the incident is a huge setback for Manziel. Professionally, he started to show improvement on the football field, and some NFL pundits were even calling for him to start.

But by admitting that he had been drinking, Manziel has relapsed. This incident turned out to be minor, but who knows what state of mind the quarterback finds himself in. He’s already off the wagon, it could be just a matter of time before he sinks further away.

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