Ohio State: J.T. Barrett Is Now The Starter Again


After seven weeks of Ohio State football, the playing of musical chairs looks to have stopped (hopefully for good) as they turn to QB J.T. Barrett to be their starter again.

Despite being an undefeated team who is ranked No. 1 in the country, the Ohio State Buckeyes have had questions at their QB position before the season even starter! Now, another change at the position– QB J.T. Barrett will be back as the starting QB for the team when they face Rutgers.

Saturday’s game will be Barrett’s first start of the season since getting injured prior to the Big Ten Championship game last season.

Ohio State has plenty of talent. However, if QB Cardale Jones continued to be the starter and play the way he has, there would be very little chance of the Buckeyes getting back to the playoffs.

Barrett is the better QB and it is about time he gets his chance to be the starter. He has accomplished so much in such a short period of time in college. After his play Saturday against Penn State, Barrett has earned him this opportunity. How his play was in critical areas of the game also was important.

Barrett may not be able to throw the farthest football downfield, but his arm strength is pretty good and his overall play is much more suitable and successful in OSU’s offense.

It was nice to see him be in QB Tim Tebow‘s role he had at the University of Florida temporarily because without him, those final scores would be much smaller and closer. The main thing with the role Barrett was in, is that is was not permanent.

Going through Jones’ overall body of work can prove to the NFL he is not that franchise and first round QB and that Luckily during those his time starting, he was able to help be apart of an extremely talented team who won the national championship.

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Plenty of fans all over the country are pleased with the change at QB. With Barrett as the starter, the offense works much better as a unit. Ohio State alumnus and NFL Network Report Albert Breer has heard some unique information about Barrett.

Since coach Meyer has decided to start Barrett, does that mean he will completely be “the guy”? Or will Meyer just swap the roles that Jones and Barrett have had up until today? Barrett is a leader, but he is more than just a leader.

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He was the main reason why Ohio State was in position to play in the Big Ten Championship last season, so hopefully the answer to his playing time is not the latter. Barrett needs to completely be “the guy”.

Now that Jones is not the starter, it would be great to see him take in and accept any role he is given just like Barrett did when he was not named the starter.

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