Cleveland Indians: Which Pitcher Should Be Dealt For A Bat?


The Cleveland Indians‘ offseason is underway. Despite good play late in the season that almost earned them the last wild card spot, the 2015 season overall was a disappointment.

The Cleveland Indians have upcoming pitching talent in the minor leagues and they already have a very good pitching staff at the major league level. However, their issue is that there is not enough offense in their everyday lineup.

The saying is true that teams cannot have enough pitching. Well, when their offense is either not playing up to their potential and/or simply does not have enough talent then some changes needs to happen.

It is possible to have plenty of pitching and a good amount of offense. The keys are money management and smart personnel decisions.

With that being said, who is the one starting pitcher that should be traded away for more offense prior to next season? The FoS team gives their thoughts.

Ric McElroy

The Tribe is in definite need of a middle of the order power bat. They need someone who is not just another team’s throw away. Cleveland is going to have to realize that the type of player they want is in large demand. To make a trade, it may cost them more than just a starting pitcher.

They were shopping SP Carlos Carrasco before the trade deadline, so one must figure even though a trade was not made, they have had feelers out about it.

Carrasco is under a favorable contract and we all know Cleveland always need starting pitching. But my guess is that he is the one they would use in a trade. However, they would probably have to add a piece to it get the player needed.

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Joe Russo

It really all depends on the types of bats that are available on the market. Are the Indians more comfortable giving up a guy like Carlos Carrasco for someone like OFs Carlos Gomez or Carlos Gonzalez?

Gonzalez is the more equitable option, but what if someone like that isn’t available?

What if it’s only someone like OF Matt Kemp and his inflated salary? That’s more of a SP Danny Salazar type arm, at the very most. IF Pedro Alvarez might be available and if Baltimore decides to retool, OF Adam Jones might be on the market.

But I honestly believe there’s a short list of bats our front office would be willing to trade for in a one for one trade.

If I have to pick one arm, it’s Salazar. I wouldn’t want to part with Carrasco, even if his name has been bandied about as the most likely to go.

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Instead, I see Salazar as more likely. He’s a bit bigger and has shown the upside teams covet without the Indians having to surrender one of their top two arms. Salazar won’t bring back the ideal bat unless other pieces are added.

A Salazar-1B Carlos Santana duo could at least bring back a first baseman that can put the ball over the fence and hit above his body weight.

Ryan Rosko

Logical thinking is that the more players involved in a trade, the better the return should be. If the Tribe decides to deal one of their SP as well as another piece or two, they should not settle for an average player as their return.

Since the Tribe will not be spending enough money in free agency to acquire the offense they need, trading Carrasco is going to have to happen. He would be the one who should get the Indians the best trade package in return.

Another route they could go, but is less likely is dealing SP Trevor Bauer. Now it should not be a preference to trade him. I’d hate to see him go, but given his contract, how he played in 2015, and how he is expected to improve going forward, teams could be more eager to trade for the talented pitcher.

A trade(s) needs to happen regardless of who they would trade. Cleveland have been playing average baseball for too long and if they can get that balance between their overall pitching staff and their offense then this past year’s expectations would be more realistic in 2016 and later.

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