Indians: Could Ross Atkins Join Toronto’s Front Office?


Could another person from the Cleveland Indians‘ front office join the Toronto Blue Jays’ baseball operations department? That possibility is now even more realistic.

The offseason shake up in the Cleveland Indians’ front office could still be ongoing. After the season ended, then Indians president Mark Shapiro finished his responsibilities to join the Toronto Blue Jays in the same role.

Now, Shapiro could look back at his old team and offer a position, likely general manager to Ross Atkins. Atkins is the Tribe’s vice president of player personnel.

The position of general manager is available in Toronto after former general manager Alex Anthopoulos decided not to return to the team. He was offered a contract extension but declined the offer.

Should Atkins leave the Indians, his role assuming as general manager would be what Indians president Chris Antonetti’s was when he was general manager under Shapiro.

Atkins just finished his 15th season with Cleveland. Like Antonetti, it is very unlikely Atkins would leave the Indians organization. However, that small chance he could would understandably be for a team like the Blue Jays with a familiar face in Shapiro leading the organization.

Though Atkins is currently the vice president of player personnel, he has only been in that role one year.

It is going to be interesting to see if Shapiro even reaches out to his former coworker. Should that happen, would Atkins be like Antonetti and decline the opportunity to leave the team like Antonetti has over the years?

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If Atkins did that, perhaps he would follow Antonetti’s steps waiting in the wings hoping to be promoted again in an even bigger role?

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However, the chance to become a professional sports team’s general manager does not occur everyday. Given the logical fit in with Toronto, Atkins must determine if he wants to take that risk in his career.

If he stayed in Cleveland, he knows what to expect from the organization. If winning turns out to be a deciding factor, at the end of the day it comes down to the ability which team he feels he can win the World Series short-term and long-term with.

There is also that chance that Shapiro may be looking at other candidates that do not have Cleveland ties. Though that is possible, I do not believe that currently is or will be the case.

Hopefully Atkins remains with Cleveland for the foreseeable future, but if that is not in the cards, I wish him the best. Yet, if he is hired by Shapiro, it would be great to see the Indians be compensated in some way.

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