Browns: Two Games, Two Bad Halves, And a Season Defined?

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Oct 4, 2015; San Diego, CA, USA; Cleveland Browns tackle Joe Thomas (73) jogs onto the field during the first quarter against the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Nonsense Of The Trades

In the NFL, trade deadline trades don’t usually happen. Why? Teams tend to hold more value in their draft picks, and it’s harder to find an impact player available. Teams like to use talented veteran players to trade on draft day in moves to acquire top flight young talent in rebuilding efforts.

Yet even the worst teams in the league don’t want to trade away their top talents. That is why I’m confused about why the Browns were so involved in trade talks before Tuesday’s deadline.

For a team with so many holes to fill, it’s surprising that the Browns would be willing to listen to offers on Pro Bowl players like Thomas and Mack. I get that Mack has an out clause in his contract that he will more than likely execute to become a free agent, but still, this team is in no position to push him out the door.

Other trade rumors for guys like Kruger and Mingo I do understand to some degree as they are underperforming and overpaid, and probably deserve a change of scenery.

However, the one I don’t get at all is trading Thomas. For a position that is so hard to lock down in the NFL, why would the Browns be willing to trade away a perennial Pro Bowler who many consider the best at his position in the NFL? Sure, he may have the best value league-wide, but the fact that he has that value is the reason that the Browns should keep him.

Now I can’t blame Farmer for “listening” to offers, and possibly trying to fleece the Denver Broncos. Yet, the rumored first and second rounders for Thomas are borderline second round and third round talent depending on where Denver ends the season. Even if Farmer secured a 2017 first rounder, and Broncos QB Peyton Manning retired, who knows where that pick might end up.

In the end, I’m glad the trade didn’t go through, and I hope that the Browns don’t revisit the trade options in the offseason. Thomas deserves to retire as a career Brown for all the crap he’s put up with here, and while I’d be okay with him winning a title somewhere in his career, the Browns can still benefit from his talents for years.

If Mack leaves, at least it’s his decision and we can hate on him all we want. The Browns do need draft picks, but they might be better served by finishing with a bad record, getting a high draft pick of their own and the player they want where they want to select a player. This should be preferred over not having to use draft picks to move all around during the draft.

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