Cleveland Browns: 4 Reasons Haslam Should Hire Bernie Kosar

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Bernie Kosar leading the Cleveland Browns football operations makes too much sense, which is probably why it won’t happen. But as these five reasons show, owner Jimmy Haslam should hire Kosar to be the team’s top football man.

The Cleveland Browns haven’t had a quarterback like Bernie Kosar since the franchise added the Boardman High School product during the 1985 NFL Supplemental Draft. He last took a snap with the Browns in 1993. The team packed up and moved to Baltimore following the 1995 season.

Cleveland’s gone through 23 quarterbacks since the franchise’s re-start in 1999, and Bernie continues to be relevant because he’s the last quarterback to understand what a winning culture can be like on the north shore.

The fan base looks to their one-time field general as an Emperor. Waiting for Kosar to offer a thumbs up, or thumbs down of the organization’s latest moves. And now, more than ever, Kosar is accessible to his followers as he gives his opinion as an analyst for CBS Cleveland affiliate, WOIO-Channel 19.

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A post-playing marriage between the Browns and Kosar always made sense, but nothing ever came to fruition. Whether it was because it wasn’t the right time for Kosar or the Browns, it didn’t work out.

But the time and the place for Bernie Kosar to become Cleveland’s football czar. If not now, when?

Unfortunately, Kosar’s hiring seems unlikely. He has no known allies among the higher-ups at the Browns’ practice facility in Berea, and it was under Jimmy Haslam’s ownership that team president Alec Scheiner had Kosar removed from the team’s preseason broadcasts prior to the 2014 season.

A Browns-Kosar marriage is the dream of many fans, but a partnership doesn’t seemed destined to be. However, these five reasons show absolutely why the Cleveland Browns and Haslam should hire Kosar…

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