Cleveland Browns: 4 Reasons Haslam Should Hire Bernie Kosar

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Kosar’s Hire Re-Energizes The Fan Base

The masses like to complain about spending their Sundays differently, instead of watching the Browns lose week-in an week-out. But the truth is, many will never change their habits. They’ll be watching every snap, no matter how bleak the eventual outcome will be, no matter who’s in charge running the franchise into the ground.

While I believe no one truly quits on our beloved orange helmets, Browns’ fans have been filled with despair for some time now, and there seems to be genuine apathy surrounding the franchise, as the fan base has zero confidence in owner Jimmy Haslam and GM Ray Farmer

If Haslam hired Kosar, the fan base would automatically buy back in. Kosar is beloved among Cleveland fans, and Browns fans don’t believe he can do wrong. Bringing Bernie on board would help Browns fans forget that Jimmy Haslam conveniently raised ticket prices 30 percent after a seven-win season in 2014.

There’s a perception among a sect of Cleveland fans that Haslam is only concerned about making  money, but Bernie can change that. The fan base will finally be sent the message that the owner is serious about improving football operations.

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