Cleveland Browns: 4 Reasons Haslam Should Hire Bernie Kosar

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Bernie Knows QBs

Since the Browns’ re-berth, Cleveland’s been searching for a quarterback whisperer to identify the field general that can lead the Browns to the promised land.

Al Lerner tried right off the bat with Chris Palmer, but Tim Couch was mostly running for his life, and never got a chance to be the franchise quarterback the Browns envisioned him to be.

The Browns had to wait a long time before brining in their next quarterback guru, Mike Holmgren. But the man given credit for finding Brett Favre produced Trent Dilfer, Colt McCoy, Seneca Wallace and Brandon Weeden.

Holmgren had ONE job, and that’s what he produced.

Bernie is the quarterback’s quarterback. If you listen to him talk, you should recognize immediately that he has an understanding of the game that few possess.

In his era, he played against some of the all-time greats in Dan Marino and John Elway. With Elway getting his shot to run the Broncos, giving Kosar a chance to do the same in Cleveland should be a no-brainer.

Plus, the best in the business still rely on Kosar for insights. Bill Belichick calls on Bernie for advice, according to Dave DeNatale of ESPN Cleveland, and remember when Marc Trestman was hired in  Chicago? It wasn’t long until Twitter photos popped up of Kosar helping out the Bears.

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