Former NFL Exec On Johnny Manziel: I Would Have Cut The Cord


With Johnny Manziel making social media rounds for all the wrong reasons, and his coach considering a demotion, one NFL executive, and current ESPN NFL Insider Louis Riddick said he would’ve “cut the cord” on Manziel already.

Johnny Manziel lost the starting quarterback job before every getting a chance to prove he’s a franchise quarterback after another weekend of partying was brought into question thanks to social media. Coach Mike Pettine decided to bench the former Heisman winner on Tuesday.

And if it were ESPN Insider and former NFL executive, Louis Riddick, Manziel wouldn’t even be on the roster.

"…You don’t have to be someone who broke the law in order for someone to make a character assessment as to whether or not you are someone they want on their football team…You hear Mike Pettine talking about a pattern of behavior. How are you representing the organization. What does the organization want to be known for?Do you want to constantly be answering questions like this, regarding videos like this, that are being released by TMZ? And teams are well within their right to say, ‘enough is enough with that.’…I would’ve have cut the cord with Johnny already, quite honestly. Given the position, some people might think that’s unfair. But that’s just the way it is. The QB position carries with it a set of responsible that are just different…and if people don’t want to accept that, then that’s fine. Then they are probably not cut out to carry the responsibility that comes with that position, too….A lot of this, is just common sense..but when there is a pattern of behavior.. surrounding you as an individual and you’ve been in rehab before; you don’t go to rehab because you have everything figured out.  You go to rehab because you have an issue. And when those issues start to compound one another and you continue to show the same behavior, do not expect a team to…be willing to reach out their hand and help you.”"

If that wasn’t enough, Riddick took to Twitter, commenting that the Browns need to “move on” after Browns’ beat writer tweeted some quotes from Mike Pettine’s Tuesday afternoon press conference.

Riddick is a former player, who obtained the title of director of pro personnel for both the Eagles and Redskins during his NFL front office career.

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The latest social-media debate over Manziel stems from a video that popped up over the weekend. TMZ is reporting that Manziel was seen partying at an Austin, Texas club during his time off for the Bye Week. He was seen at the Ohio State game in Columbus on Saturday.

There is some speculation that the video is old. It’s just my opinion, but Manziel looks younger in the video, and there’s a chance it may not be current.

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But this is who the Browns are married to until they’re not. Every time “Johnny Football” pops up on Instagram, the Browns are going to have answer questions. It’s not a good look for Manziel, who spend 73 days in rehab, and it’s not a good look for an organization.