Cleveland Browns: Start And Keep Austin Davis As Starter


The future at quarterback for the Cleveland Browns is not on their roster, so why not have Austin Davis as the starter?

After the recent benching of quarterback Johnny Manziel to third string, QB Josh McCown is back starting for the Cleveland Browns. Yet, why is McCown starting when the team is going to have to look towards the offseason rather than contend for the playoffs (again)?

Davis should start ahead of McCown. McCown was brought in to be a mentor to Manziel but since that did not last long, McCown can keep that role with Davis.

Since the Browns already signed Davis to a contract extension in addition to McCown’s injury woes, the likelihood that Davis will at least appear sometime in a 2015 game is very good. However, just an appearance is not good enough.

As the season wraps up, the Browns will look at the roster as many changes are going to occur. Eventually Manziel will be one of the changes. Rather than waiting for the season to end, Cleveland should cut the former Texas A&M product now. After all, the Browns are finally now considering making the move.

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Though the Browns are now considering cutting ties, asking what has taken so long would be a logical reaction. The fact that there was the belief that Manziel would be a better QB than Derek Carr, Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles, Marcus Mariota and many more is shocking.

Benching Manziel was a start, but once the Browns get to the post Manziel era with a viable replacement then Cleveland will be able to start gaining more respect around the league and in society.

Rooting for a legitimate franchise QB to be drafted has been a long time coming, but the Browns failed again when they drafted Manziel in 2014. No, Davis is not the long-term answer in Cleveland but he deserves to play.

Davis’ play in St. Louis as the Rams’ starter showed that he does have some ability to make plays. He is not a flashy QB, but with the situation the Browns are in, their last six games are a good opportunity to see what he do in the offense.

Davis does not have to go and play like he has to carry this team on his back. No, instead what would be asked of him is to manage the game. If Cleveland wins another game or two this season that is fine.

However, with so many other issues to fix, winning a game(s) is more of a rare consolation prize right now. Whether Davis gets his chance to start or not, Cleveland is having a hard enough time winning regardless of who is the QB.

Davis is in his fourth season. He went 3-5 for the Rams last season.

Davis also looks to be the favorite of all the QBs to stay with the team in 2016. His extension helps his case, plus he is only 26 years old.

Manziel is going to be gone, McCown could come back, but with the multiple injuries he has been dealt this season as well as being 36 years old, his time is almost up in the NFL. Cleveland is more likely to sign a younger veteran this offseason rather than bring McCown back. If Connor Shaw comes back, he will be assigned to the practice squad again.

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Browns head coach Mike Pettine wants to have a player he can rely on at QB, which is why McCown is starting. Though Pettine’s future is up in the air, a final decision should not be impacted if Davis just starts.