Ohio State: One on One with Buckeye Great Joe Staysniak

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Nov 14, 2015; Champaign, IL, USA; Ohio State Buckeyes running back Ezekiel Elliott (15) celebrates with teammates after scoring a touchdown during the third quarter at Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

What Do You Think Is Going To Take Place On Saturday? Are You Optimistic About The Buckeyes?

“I’m interested to see because it’s a huge character game. You just had everything, I mean everything, taken out from under you and you did it to yourself because you played like crap. You deserved to lose because you got beat on the offensive and defensive lines. It started there and went everywhere else. You got beat by men.

Now how do you approach it? Are you going to jump right back on it with the chance that if Michigan State slips up you’re back in the Big Ten Championship game and maybe even a national championship game? You may have a shot, you just don’t know. I hope the guys don’t want that taste in their mouths from the last game all off-season. I was asked do you even play Ezekiel Elliott after what he said, what he did, and the fact he was leaving. My initial instinct is “yeah, right what a jerk. He’s not a team player.” He never should have said what he said, but what he said was 100% true.

I would almost give Ezekiel Elliott the ball 35 times in the game and say go prove it. You’re the one that shot your mouth off. Now you’re the one that says we’re going to come out with a totally different attitude. Let’s see what kind of attitude you have. Ezekiel Elliott wrote a hell of a check I hope he can cash. I would give him the ball a ton and say go get ‘em. The offensive line was embarrassed. The defensive line was embarrassed. They should be able to come out and play a physical game and win it.

It’s going to be tough in Ann Arbor, but you are the better team. It’s a huge character building game for them. I would hope that they would come out and play with true Buckeye pride and try to get some of their manhood back after what was taken from them in that Michigan State game.”

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