Donte Whitner Wrong: Cleveland Browns Coaching Is The Problem


Oct 4, 2015; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers tight end Ladarius Green (89) catches a touchdown pass while defended by Cleveland Browns strong safety Donte Whitner (31) during the third quarter at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Browns’ safety Donte Whitner recently  said he’d like the present coaching staff to stay on next year and blamed the players for the really bad performance this year, but “Hitner’s” words make the Voice of the Fan sick!

Whitner believes the third year in Mike Pettine’s defensive system will be the ticket to the Browns’ success. the Glenville High School product thinks something will click and miraculously the mistakes we’ve throughout this forgettable season will cease to exist and some how, the Browns will all turn the corner at once, I guess.

He told’s Mary Kay Cabot that the defense has been prepared and with all the studying they do, the know just exactly what the other them is going to do to them. But they have mental lapses and make mistakes that are very costly!

Whitner said it would be a mistake to overhaul the scheme by firing the coaches. He added that one of the main reasons the Browns have had touble in the secondary was the absence of Joe Haden.

Sorry, but I can’t stomach anymore his defense any longer! Even when Haden was playing he was getting torched!

Marshall and the New York Jets, anyone? Cooper and the Oakland Raiders!? Haden had little to do with stopping the run or pressuring the quarterback! Where have we heard this before,OH that’s right, when Alex Mack went down last year and the run game fell apart!! Mack came back, but the run game sure didn’t!

Where are all the fans that thought the run game was going to magically reappear? Does one player make that difference. I think not!!

If this team was  close to turning the corner as some say, would they really be 2-10 at this point? Would the same mistakes be happening every game? Would you see the players chronically miss tackles, jump off sides at critical moments, and miss assignments on a regular basis
That’s coaching, folks.. Basic tackling is coachable! The mental lapses and mistakes fall directly into the lap of Mike Pettine!

A corner looking at the safety as though it was his fault the receiver got behind him and scored a 45-yard touchdown is coaching! If someone missed his assignment then you coach him to stop it, and to get it right. And it doesn’t have to take two years to do it!!

Perhaps Whitner is afraid of losing his job with a complete reboot maybe he never recovered from his concussion.

These are just the facts. Pettin’s system has been in place for two years and Browns supposedly hire professionals.  So why is it taking so long for this to be absorbed? There aren’t any other teams with this many problems as noted in many sports publications and talked about on sports radio or TV.

The Browns are the laughing-stock of the NFL and exhibit nothing but regression week in and week out.

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I hate to say let’s start all over, but other than wasting yet another year and possibly the very first pick in the draft, plus getting behind another year on a reboot, what else is there??