Cleveland Browns: Is Paxton Lynch Worth A Top 5 Pick?

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Nov 21, 2015; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Memphis Tigers quarterback Paxton Lynch (12) throws the ball against the Temple Owls at Lincoln Financial Field. The Temple Owls won 31-12. Mandatory Credit: Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

It Is Time For A Prototypical QB To Go To Cleveland

Kris Grimes

Lynch is well above the prototype size for a QB. He is athletic, big, and while he does not have a “cannon for an arm,” his throwing strength is said to be good enough for the NFL.

When asked by scouts and analysts which QB he reminds them of, there are mentions of Pittsburgh Steelers’ Ben Roethlisberger, Baltimore Ravens’ Joe Flacco, Atlanta Falcons’ Matt Ryan, and even San Francisco 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick. If I’m a general manager and my scouts tell me they think he’s the latter, I say stay clear, but the comparisons to the other three names makes Lynch appealing.

Beyond Lynch’s prototypical size, reminding scouts of some pretty talented current NFL QBs, he also got pretty solid collegiate numbers to stack on his resume. Over the course of three starting seasons, his game has developed from a mediocre 9 touchdown and 10 interception redshirt campaign to throwing for over 3,000+ yards, a near 70% completion rate, 31 TD’s, and only 2 INT’s this season.

That kind of work doesn’t go unnoticed by scouts and analysts around the league.

Justin Blum

This has to be the right time for the team to select Lynch among the top picks, and especially as a potential first overall selection. Of all of the available quarterbacks that the Browns could select, Lynch will be the best option with the most upside.

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Along with talent, Lynch would bring the same excitement that Manziel did just a couple of years ago. The competition should push both young quarterbacks and hopefully bring out the best in both. If both guys play well, the rest of the team might follow suit.

Injuries are so prevalent in football anymore and having two starting caliber quarterbacks is a great way to fill out your roster. The NFL is a pass heavy league and the Browns need to take advantage of the rules and such so that they keep up with the rest of the league. They need a guy who can sling it and that guy is Lynch.

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