10 Most Controversial Cleveland Sports Stars Of All Time

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5. Shawn Kemp

When the Cleveland Cavaliers acquired Shawn Kemp, many fans thought the franchise was finally getting the superstar that could elevate the organization to a championship level. The days of Brad Daugherty and Mark Price had just passed, and Kemp promised to be the future.

And in his first season, things looked promising. Kemp got the 1997-1998 squad into the postseason, but lost to the Reggie Miller-led Pacers in four games. Kemp played well though, averaging 26 points and 13 rebounds throughout the series.

But during the strike-shortened 1998-1999 season, Kemp reportedly showed up to camp weighing 275 pounds. Years later, then GM Wayne Embry wrote in his autobiography that Kemp actually weighed in at 315 pounds!

Despite the extra baggage, Kemp still averaged 20.5 points per game that season, but the explosive player who could jump out of the arena in a single bound was long gone. Kemp looked so different with the Cavaliers, that if you watched highlights from his time with the Supersonics, you’d have a hard time believing he was the same player.

After getting Kemp through trade, Embry gave his star a seven-year, $107 million contract extension. The pact is thought to be one of the worst contracts in NBA history. Miraculously, the Cavs were able to move Kemp after just three seasons.

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