Cleveland Browns: Must Play A Full Game To Win


After the Cleveland Browns lost to the Chiefs, the Voice of the Fan expressed the importance of playing well for a full game, as well as changes to the team that are needed.

The Cleveland Browns played badly in the first half of their game at the Kansas City Chiefs. Cleveland had missed coverages, committed penalties at the absolute worst time, and there was a lack of communication between the defensive players.

Some of the cornerbacks could not defend and there were many inexcusable missed tackles by the  entire defense. Overall, too many missing assignments were made.

Cleveland’s offense was also inept, as quarterback Johnny Manziel finished as the team’s leading rusher. Running back Isaiah Crowell did have a long run of 28 yards, but again they had to kick field goals. Unfortunately there was another kick that was blocked. The blocked kick was Browns kicker Travis Coons‘ fourth block this year, all slightly over fifty yards. It eventually cost the Browns a try at the end of the game. It is time to look for another kicker!

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However, the second half was a tale of another story. The Browns had a twenty play drive to open the third quarter, but again it resulted in a field goal. That series screamed the lack of impact players on offense. Browns wide receiver Dwayne Bowe, who is making nine million this season, played but again was useless. You could see why he has been a healthy scratch. Even when Bowe was playing against his old team, all he did was go through the motions.

Also during the second half the defense came to life, as most of the players played very well. One player who did not play well was linebacker Barkevious Mingo. Mingo showed why he probably will not be in Cleveland next year, as he missed tackles and blew assignments — he looked lost. Yet another wasted first rounder!

The defense looked about as good as they have all year. That is not to say there isn’t a large amount of work to be done and some better corners to be found. Browns starting CB Tramon Williams showed once again why Green Bay let him go! He was another free agent mistake by this regime.

Had this team played both halves like the second half, they would probably have won the game. The defense really clamped down on the Chiefs, who had very little success in the second half. Progress, holy cow I think I saw progress. The defensive line looked good except for the pass rush.

Manziel needs some influx of help on the offense. Their first drive of the second half and the last drive of the game showed just how much help they need. No, wide receiver Josh Gordon coming back(maybe) is not enough. He still must request to be reinstated and be cleared by NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell.

Today Cleveland was in it till the end in one of the roughest venues in the league. Again, they need better corners. Hopefully they found one in former Oregon cornerback Ifo Expre-Olomu, who has been injured and out for the season. He was drafted in the seventh round in the 2015 NFL Draft.

Cleveland needs to try to keep their good players and put their defense backs in tackling 101. General Manager Ray Farmer must go due to too many mistakes and bad judgement However, I hate to start over.

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So lets give head coach Mike Pettine at least part of next year to see if there can be more progress made.